What Causes Carpet to Get Damaged?

Cat-On-CarpetGetting new carpet is always an exciting process. But it is important to know how to take care of it, more-so how to avoid situations that may cause your carpet to become damaged. No matter how much you care for your carpet, something may still be causing damage that you didn’t even realize could. Today we will be going over several issues in your home that can cause damage to your carpet without you knowing.


What Causes Carpet Damage?



Texture Surface Retention – This is related to the most common type of carpet damage in households. Affecting the heavier traffic areas such as hallways and living rooms, this is due to the amount of walking you do on a “path” in your carpet. Much like a repetitive strain injury, this is a problem that you won’t see until it has been happening for a good bit of time. While there is no solid way to stop walking on areas with high traffic, you can certainly prevent it. To reduce the strain on your carpet place runners and area rugs over the affected areas. Rearrange furniture occasionally when vacuuming and cleaning. Most importantly, stick to your manufacturer’s suggested professional cleaning schedule.


Crushing – Crushing sound really scary, and it most definitely can be. Crushing occurs when your once fluffy and full carpet becomes flattened over time. Usually this is due to a heavy object such as furniture or decor resting on your carpet for an extenuated period of time. The best way to prevent against crushing is to move heavier items to different location so that indentations and depressions do not settle in over time.


Coffee-CarpetOdors – Have a heaping pile of trash? Well I can guarantee that if you let it sit there, the smell will eventually work its way into your carpet. The same goes for smoking and tracking things in. Many new carpets have the ability to repel these types of odors, some even have the ability to freshen the air in your home! But if your carpet didn’t come with these technologies you can always fix it the old fashioned way. First  you will need to identify and eliminate the odor causing material. The simply sprinkle your carpet with some Arm & Hammer Baking Soda and allow it to sit over night. The next morning give it a thorough vacuum.


Soiling – No matter what the flooring type, it will get dirty if not regularly cleaned and maintained. Most of the dirt involved with carpet comes from debris being tracked in from outside the home, pets that come inside, and children that are very active. There are are a few ways to battle these ailments. Make sure everyone takes there shoes off when coming in for the day at the door. Keep your pets well groomed and designate an area in the kitchen for feeding them. Designate play areas in the home for kids that love to play in the floor. Make sure children are eating and snacking at a table to prevent crumbs and stains from finding ways into your carpet. And finally vacuum at the first sign of dinginess.

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