The Truth About Carpet Allergies

Carpet AllergiesA big turn off to a lot of people about carpet is the allergies that come with it. But I ask you, what exactly causes carpet allergies?  Simply put, nothing. A properly maintained carpet does nothing to you speaking from an allergy stand point, unless you absolutely never clean your carpet that is. Today, we will be sharing some very interesting information with you. Please take a few minutes to read over it, especially if this is your only gripe about carpet.

The Truth about Carpet Allergies

Misconception #1:  Carpet causes asthma and carpet allergies.

Nope, not true. Swedish researchers performed an experiment from 1975 to 1990 and proved that while the use of carpet in the country was decreased over this time period, allergic reactions in the home increased at an aggressive and startling rate. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that, if this were true, it would be the other way around.

Carpet AllergiesMisconception #2:  Carpet attracts substances that cause carpet allergies.

This one is actually entirely true. However this is a good thing. A properly maintained carpet traps airborne allergies, decreasing the possibility of you breathing them in. Vacuuming removes the allergies from the household entirely. You can’t do this with hard surface floors, it will just stay airborne. Which had a lot to do with the increase of allergies in the Swedish studies.

Misconception #3:  The latex in a carpet causes people to have carpet alleries.

Once again not true, there is a big difference between natural and synthetic latex. Synthetic latex is not associated with any allergic reactions that one would see from natural latex. Synthetic latex lacks the proteins that are found in natural latex that cause allergic reactions. So if the gloves don’t work, you can still lay on your carpet.

Carpet AllergiesMisconception #4:  New Carpeting is made with Formaldehyde.

I’m sorry but this is laughable in the since that it is just not true, and it is major propaganda on the flooring industries part to push hard surfaces. Formaldehyde is not implemented anywhere in the manufacturing process of carpet, there for it is not emitted after it is installed. Why? Because it is not there!

Misconception #5:  New carpets emit Volatile Organic Compounds.

Lets, talk facts. 99.9% of any type of home decor, furniture, paint, caulking, Sheet Rock, Drywall, Cookware, Appliances, Etc., that you put into your home will emit volatile organic compound for a bit. That being said though, emissions from a fresh carpet installation are among the LOWEST of any type of indoor furnishing available. Food for thought? I think so.

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