3 Questions to Find the Best Oak Hardwood Flooring

Oak-Hardwood-FlooringFinding the right Oak hardwood flooring can sometimes be a mess if you don’t really know what to ask yourself. You never really get just how complicated it can be until you see the many different manufacturers, types of oak, styles, colors, quality levels and choices available. Today, we will be giving you some general questions to ask yourself that will help you find the right oak hardwood flooring for your home or business.


3 Questions to Find the Best Oak Hardwood Flooring


Should I shop for Oak hardwood flooring Online or at a Brick and Mortar?  

Oak-Hardwood-FlooringMany people struggle with this decision and often realize that they could have done a lot better if they would have chosen the other source. A lot of people are still scared about making large purchases online, especially when it comes to something that is better touched and seen before the purchase. The problem with the large companies that deal mainly in-store, is that the sheer amount of overhead that they have to deal with to run it, requires them to mark the price up a fair amount before you get to it. The beauty of shopping online with a reputable company allows for incredible discounts on the exact same products that you will find in the stores. You will be sent samples, that are typically free, of the flooring options. This gives you that touch and feel that you miss at the big box store, without the hassle of being pressured into a fast decision. All and all it really measures up to where you will feel most comfortable and confident when purchasing your oak hardwood flooring.


Should I choose a solid oak floor or an engineered oak floor?  

Oak-Hardwood-FlooringThis can stomp the best of us. Both are incredibly sound products and both will improve the overall value of your property. Many people do prefer the solid oak hardwood flooring because of the traditional feel. Solid oak is more expensive but it has the ability to be refinished as many times as you see fit throughout your floor’s lifespan. Engineered oak is slightly less expensive, but is more structurally sound because of the plied layers of wood in them. Generally these can’t be refinished and if they can only a few times depending on the thickness of the top layer of Oak. Engineered is also more lenient when it comes to moisture or humidity, making it more appropriate for kitchens and bathrooms.


What grade of Oak flooring will my Budget allow for?

This question is a great one to ask yourself. Some aren’t aware that hardwood floors generally come in several grade levels that are direct representations of the level of quality of the boards. It ranges from 1st Quality to Tavern or Cabin Grade. 1st Quality oak hardwood flooring is the most expensive and the most pristine hardwood option, while tavern and cabin are your lowest quality floors, but are also the least expensive. Before you say, “well, why would I choose tavern or cabin,” stop right there. Tavern and cabin hardwood flooring does not always mean a bad thing. If you are going for a rustic or more country design in your home, this is a great option for you. It just means more knots, wormholes, and dents in the natural wood. 1st qualities are often beat up in the process of manufacturing just to achieve this natural rustic look.


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