5 Hospitality Tips to Happy Hotel / Motel Guests!

Hospitality CarpetBeing someone who doesn’t really do a lot of travel unless it is business related, I really take into consideration my overnights in Hotels and Motels. Although I’m no expert, I would like to take this opportunity to speak from a Guests’ perspective and offer up 5 tips to make a guest happy through hospitality services and bonuses.

5 Hospitality Tips to Happy Hotel / Motel Guests

Tip #1 Free Wifi

When I do not have internet access or it in an extra charge for the service, I get a little upset. You would be surprised at how many establishments choose not to offer this most basic service. Not just in the lobby, but in my guestroom as well.

Hospitality CarpetTip #2 Always Say Hello

In a world as busy as ours, we tend to lose our humanity in the process of working. A simple greeting can go a long way when it comes to the first impression a guest has on your company. Many coming in have been traveling and are naturally run down and tired. A positive greeting can really uplift someone’s spirits. So, make sure to say, “Hello.”

Tip #3 24-hour Guest Services

Wow, can you believe that in this day and age, if you have a question or need an address or you phone isn’t working in the hotel, guest services may not be available because of the time of day that it is? Adapting to changing times, many people are up late working from their rooms, seeing there families online, etc., having someone to go to if there is a problem while I’m staying somewhere is a must.

Hospitality-PoolTip #4 Make the Room Nice

Feeling as close to home as possible is rather important in the grand scheme of hospitality. If you provide the basics in a room your will get a basic response to your services. Investing in decor that really has presence, such as hospitality carpet, comfortable bedding, and lounging areas.

Tip #5 Honor What You Advertise

If you advertise luxury, amenities, pool, and gyms, make sure that they are always available, and if not give your guests a call and let them know ahead of time. I’m aware that accidents happen and sometimes there is just no predicting an outcome, but if you have a scheduled maintenance on the day that a guest arrives on an amenity, they should be informed.

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