5 Advantages Carpet Adds to a Home

Bedroom-CarpetCarpet has been around for a good amount of time. Although many have begun to move toward a hard surface flooring option for there home, there are many benefits and advantages that they will be missing out on. In this article we will be going over five carpet advantages that really add to the overall feeling and functionality of your home.

5 Advantages Carpet Adds to a Home


1.  Comfortability – This is undeniably, the most talked about advantage of carpet over other flooring options. You simply cannot get a more comfortable surface to live on. Not to mention, they are still working on the technologies that make carpet soft, and they keep getting better and better. For example, Caress Carpet by Shaw Flooring is hands down the most comfortable carpet that I have ever had the pleasure to touch. This very new carpet line owes all of its comfort level to years or ingenuity and technology advancement.

2.  Stain and Soil Resistance – Even though carpet tends to absorb stains easier than hard surface flooring choices, unlike those options they have had added time invested in making them even more resistant to messy situations. Dogs hardly phase a carpet these days as the built in protection is so strong. Mold and mildew are all but eliminated on a molecular level now as well. This is a far cry from what we grew up with.

3.  Incredible Fiber Options – All trees are the same, from a species perspective anyway. But because carpet is mostly synthetic, it can provide a unique combination of superior performance, softness and stain resistance that isn’t comparable to other fibers that you would even find in the clothes that you where on your body. There are many natural fiber to choose from though, such as wool, sisal, and jute carpets. All of these are very durable and naturally resistant to stains, they actually repel water which is pretty interesting.

Carpet-Colors4.  Goes with Anything – Like most American Homes, we have a lot of options for decor, and I don’t think I have ever seen 2 houses that have the same stuff. Because this is such a common trend, carpet caters to almost any aesthetic or design. The textures, prints, and colors are beyond what we could ever have imagined 10 years ago. Often with other floors, with the exception of vinyls, you will typically choose from different shade of browns, reds and whites. Carpet brings a much needed burst of color or style to any setting.

5.  Cheaper than the Rest – You can still get incredible deals on most carpet. You just have to look a little to find those great options. This means more money in your pocket, which is a great investment in the rest of your home’s needs.


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