3 Big Benefits of Carpet Tiles!

Carpet TilesCarpet tiles aren’t talked about too often, but they are everywhere we look. They often pass for high end wall to wall carpet because of the intricate patterns, colors and textures. They can either be an attention grabbing conversational floor or they can blend in with the surrounding environment. Surprisingly enough, many still don’t even consider carpet tiles as a viable flooring option other than for business. Today, I’m going to point out three big benefits of carpet tiles so that you can possibly add them to the list of flooring options for your home or business.

3 Big Benefits of Carpet Tiles!


1. Ooops Proof! – This flooring option is literally “oops proof.” One of the hugest benefits of carpet squares is the fact that when it comes to replacing a stained or damaged square it is an incredibly simple process. When it comes to other flooring options, replacing a single piece or section due to damage can be a night mare. It will typically involved completely removing the floor. This is time consuming and very costly, not to mention a huge headache.

Carpet TileCarpet tiles can be replaced simply by pulling the damaged one up and laying the new one in its place. The process could not be more easy. That being said, it would behoove you to order an extra box of your style of squares so you will always have them handy, and won’t have to search in case the style is dropped.


2. Cleaning? Eazy Peezy! – Much like replacing, you can literally pull a carpet tile up and clean it, allow it to dry and put it back. If you have wall to wall carpet then I’m sure you know just how annoying liquid stains can be. Liquids soak directly through the carpet and into the backing. Over time this can cause mold, mildew or even rotting in the backing of a lot of wall to wall carpets available. Besides normal maintenance and weekly upkeep, the power to remove the piece and clean it is something you could never achieve with wall to wall carpet.


3. DIY Dream! – Carpet tile is a do it yourself dream. If you have ever installed traditional carpet you will find that this process of installation is entirely different. First off there is not a giant roll of carpet that require heavy lifting and throwing your back out unrolling it. Carpet tile comes in easily mobile boxes and can be carried by almost anyone. The cutting of the flooring material is easy and layout your floor has never been so simple.

If you are looking for a custom look during installation, this is the way to go!


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