Why is Hardwood Flooring So Popular?

Hardwood FlooringProbably one of the most sought after floors on the market today is hardwood flooring. This is for a lot of reasons, but mainly the longevity and charisma of hardwood sets it ahead of the game. It is a floor you will simply fall in love with. Hardwood flooring fits many different types of needs that consumers have. Today we will be discussing hardwood flooring attributes, so that you can determine if this flooring type is right for you as well.

Starting with the Basics of Hardwood Floors: Construction

There are 2 different kinds of construction that you can get, Solid or Engineered

  • Hardwood FlooringSolid Hardwood Flooring:  Solid hardwood is exactly as you would imagine it. It is a singular piece of woo directly from the tree trunk. Nothing too tricky about this type of construction as it is just about all done in nature and if something goes wrong or the floor wears over period of time you can refinish it.
  • Engineered Hardwood Flooring:  This is where construction takes a turn. Engineered wood is comprised of several layers of real wood, with a special top veneer layer of wood. The top layer is attached to a core layer in this construction, giving it a boost in stability. The great thing about this construction type is that it makes DIY installation easier as you can install it over concrete sub-flooring. The only down side of this type of wood construction is that you may only be able refinish it once of twice, if at all.

Hardwood Flooring Installation Methods

Hardwood FlooringClick and Lock Mechanisms – This is predominately found on engineered wood floors. These systems allow a  floor to be installed without the use of any type of adhesive. It is a very easy and user friend way of installation called a floating floor installation method. Floating installation allows for you to install over just about any sub-floor.

Traditional Tongue and Groove – Tongue and Groove methods have been used for awhile now. In this method the individual hardwood flooring board are connected together in a very snug and precise manner. One side of the board will have a tongue side and the other a groove and each will fit into the next perfectly. This is a great way to get clean lines in your hardwood floor. This type of installation construction can be glued down, nailed down or floated.

Options and Versatility are the Source of Hardwood Flooring’s Popularity.

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  1. jenny says:

    For me nothing really compares to hard wood flooring, and your right it is nice to be able to refinish it every so often. I have it pretty much throughout the house. It just seems to be so much more cleaner than carpet, and gives you a more old fashioned look.

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