Shaw Anso Nylon Fiber – 5 Point Overview

In-Savannah-EA024-Shaw-Anso-Nylon-CarpetAnso nylon fiber by Shaw is a well rounded, highly durable fiber that is tough on spills and stains, while remaining environmentally conscious. Shaw being a power house in the carpet industry and a trusted brand of consumers for over 4 decades proves true to being ahead of the game by pairing style with long lasting performance with Shaw Anso nylon carpet.

Fashion is not the only benefit of Anso nylon carpet, it comes in a veritable plethora of colors, textures and styles.

Being green is becoming a hot button topic in all manufacturing these days, so I think it is appropriate to touch on Shaw’s procedures for staying green. Shaw owns a top of the line and up to date recycling facility for carpet. This plant is actually capable of recycling carpet to make into new carpet. While it doesn’t seem like it is doing much it is. This plant literally saves over 100 million pounds of carpet from winding up in a landfill every year. That is a lot!

5 Reasons to Choose Anso Nylon Carpet by Shaw

  • It’s Tough as Nails – Shaw Anso nylon is absolutely soft and comfortable, but believe it or not, comfort isn’t its strongest front. This is hard to believe if you feel the carpet because it seems as if it was made for comfort. The truth is however, it has been engineered to last longer than others. This is thanks to the nylon 6 fibers that Anso is known for, bumping its toughness level up 20% more than competitor carpets while showing less wear overtime.
  • Shaw-Tuftext-Something-So-Right-Anso-Nylon-CarpetStain and Soil Resistant – Because of Shaw’s patented R2x technology, which is a treatment that is applied to the carpet during manufacturing, it has the ability to repel dirt and soil. This is great news for anyone who is a little accident prone or messy at times. This added stain and soil resistance allows Shaw Anso nylon owners the luxury of a better overall warranty.
  • Resilient like the Dickens – Resiliency is all about maintaining its original shape, and Anso doesn’t disappoint as a leading fiber. It keeps its shape even after heavy furniture has been resting on it for months. Just swoosh it around or vacuum and it is back to its original shape.
  • Environmentally Friendly – We touched on the environmental aspect earlier, but being such an important topic merits a rehash. This carpet fiber was engineered to being recycled. Anso nylon contains post consumer carpet, making it incredibly resourceful and practical. It is SCS certified with 25% recycled content.
  • A Trusted Carpet Brand – Shaw has remained at the top of the flooring food chain for many years. Innovative practices and stream-lined manufacturing procedures have marked it a pack leader in the wilds of the carpet industry. Shaw gives you the most extensive warranty available on it products and does so with 40 years experience in carpet manufacturing.

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  1. Jenny says:

    That is really amazing that Shaw recycles over a million pounds of carpet each year, well done. It’s nice seeing companies out there who are not only concerned about the environment but who are actually making a difference!!

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