Oak Hardwood Flooring Advantages

Oak-Hardwood-Flooring-ArmstrongOak hardwood flooring is one of the leading competitors in the hardwood market. Oak as a species is stunning to behold and comes with many benefits for your home. This beautiful hardwood originated from Ireland, but is now grown all over the world in places like China, Japan, England and of course the U.S.  Oak hardwood flooring has a high strength and hardness factor and it is even resistant to certain types of insect and fungi because of its high tannin content.

Today, we will be going over a few of the big benefits of Oak for your floors giving you the knowledge to make the best decision for your home.


Benefits of Oak Hardwood Flooring

  • Oak is one of the most beautiful species of hardwood – The natural grain and coloration of oak compliments most homes regardless of the design aesthetic. These traditional tones give a lot of freedom in choice for your decor and scheme. The grain is incredible, especially those with a knotty appearance.
  • homerwood-red-oak-hardwood-flooring-naturalAges Beautifully – Oak hardwood flooring, like most hardwood, darkens with age. This is mainly due to exposure to sunlight and is a completely natural process. Overtime these richer more lush colors will give the room a sense of timelessness.
  • Strength and Durability – As previously stated, oak is a great floor for those who seek the comfort of a long lasting floor. It wears beautifully because it is so durable. Many historic homes were built using oak because of the durability factor.
  • Insect and Fungi Resistant – This is something that you may not see to often when it comes to a natural flooring material, but this wood actually has a molecular structure that is highly resistant to certain insects and fungi.
  • Cost Effective – Oak hardwood flooring is actually a more moderately priced hardwood floor option. Many don’t realize the difference in species for them until they get sticker shock. Oak is a great value as far as options go.

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