Laminate Flooring for the Modern Family

Laminate-FlooringIt seems as though almost every type of style pulls from modern design these days. I think that it is somewhat culturally significant to us. As humans, we progress and even step out of our comfort zones on a day to day basis. Laminate flooring is now the great equalizer when it comes to bringing a splash of modern into our home’s decor. Although it isn’t for everyone, laminate flooring offers an incredibly diverse range of options in style, texture, colors and patterns. Today, we will be taking a look at why laminate is a muse for modern living.


Modern Laminate Flooring Installation

Doing things the hard way is a thing of the past. Our generation wants simplicity and ease of use, without lacking in quality. Laminate flooring has transformed DIY installation, through introducing a lock and click method of installation. This innovative approach to floating floor installation has been applied to other floor covering options in the market such as engineered hardwood flooring and luxury vinyl tile and planks.

Laminate Flooring


Today, we value our time and energy more than anything else. Laminate is very fast and easy to install over a weekend. This allows you to save money on installation costs and saves your family from going through a professional installation, which can often be a pain.


The Strength of Laminate Flooring

Quality is a driving factor in choosing the right product for a modern environment. What we choose to live with now depends less on cost and more on the particular role that it fills in our day to day lives. Surprisingly enough you can get a top quality laminate floor for half the price of a poor quality solid wood floor. The difference is in the make-up of the product. Being that it isn’t porous like hardwood flooring, laminate has far less issues with spills and stains.


Laminate-FlooringThe life of laminate flooring is also strong. Some can last 30 years and up without looking the slightest bit worn.


Modern Aesthetics of Laminate Flooring

I have personally seen some incredible laminate flooring options. Because of the construction, laminate can be made to mimic almost any organic material known. Beyond organic, anything we can imagine. The array of colors available on some laminate products are unmatched. This is truly a floor that gives you the flexibility to either blend in or pop when it comes to your design.

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