Laminate Flooring In A Kitchen Really Works!

Laminate-Flooring-In-A-KitchenLaminate flooring is good for a lot of uses, but particularly great for kitchens. Yes, you can get the look and feel of hardwood and stone flooring for much less, and it is more functional. Hardwood isn’t great when it comes to getting wet and tile can be rather slippery itself, but laminate is a perfect blend of style, ease and functionality, clean up water when it happens and it will not phase it.

What makes Laminate a good Kitchen Flooring?

  • Laminate-Floor-In-A-KitchenLaminate Flooring is Beautiful
  • Cost Effective
  • Easily Installed
  • Resistant to Scratches
  • Water-Resistant (depending on brand)
  • Durable

Yes, all of these are great but the big worry is all about the spill. Because laminate can be damaged when excessive moisture is involved, certain precautions must be taken to assure its stability. One very big thing you can do to keep your laminate protection high is using a moisture blocking underlayment. This does more than you know for your laminate flooring, as it protects the bottom side of the floor from moisture seeping in from underneath.

The Quality of Laminate you Should Choose for a Kitchen

Laminate-FlooringChoosing quality is a big deal in getting laminate for the kitchen as well. This is not to say that a cheap laminate will not suffice, but it will take a good bit of luck on your side for it to go that smoothly. A good quality laminate will have boards that fit much more tightly together. If installation requires you to use a sealer inside the joints that is a good indication that moisture will have a hard time penetrating the surface.

Ask your retailer if the laminate has some sort of water resistant resin or glue in the compressed layers in the middle. This is often called the core board. If it does then you know you have found a good quality laminate for the kitchen.

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    We all would love hardwood floors in our kitchen, but what we don’t love is the wet stains that happen in the kitchen. This article is helpful for those that are indecisive about choosing hardwood for the kitchen. Laminate looks like hardwood, more cost effective and can definitely resist water damages. Instead of settling for tiles because hardwood is too much of a hassle to maintain, try laminate. You’ll get the same beauty as hardwood, with no hassle of maintaining it! Enjoy!

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