How to Repair Damaged Wood Floors

Repairing-Wood-Floor-Plank-BoardHardwood flooring tends to outlast everything in our homes. However the life of your hardwood flooring depends on how well you keep it properly maintained over the years. When it comes to gouges, scratches, gaps and dings, sometimes it could be a bit overwhelming to us. Fortunately for you though, we have prepared a basic how to for repairing your damaged wood floors without having to call in a professional.

How to Repair a Scratched Hardwood Floor

Whether it be child’s play, puppies or good old fashion oopsies, eventually your pristine hardwood floor finish will be scratched. Just about anything can scratch the surface of your flooring with the right amount of applied pressure. When this happens, you will need to sand the affected are and refinish it. Make sure not to go very deep into the hardwood, go just far enough to buff out the scratch. Once you are satisfied you will need to refinish it. Just follow the direction carefully on the chosen product.

How to Repair Gouged Hardwood Flooring

Gouging or Denting occurs when pressure is applied greatly to your floor by a very small area. Like the end of a chair leg or coffee table when being jostled about in a living room. This results in a larger deeper mark than a scratch. To repair it, you will use the same method as before with the scratch, but instead of refinishing it after you sand you will fill in the gaping hole with a wood putty. Make sure to allow the putty to dry completely and sand it level so that it is flush with the surrounding wood. Now refinish and your good to go.

Sanding-Hardwood-FlooringHow to Repair and Entire Plank of Hardwood Flooring

Have you ever stepped into someone’s house and notice an odd board in their hardwood floor? This is because accidents happen and can occasionally only effect certain parts of your flooring. Overall this is great news for you, because the repair will be easy. Simply pull up the damaged piece or pieces of wood plank and replace it with a new piece. You will either need a wood epoxy or nails to secure the board to the floor. Make sure that it is as even as possible. If it is not a pre-finished plank make sure to finish it to the rest of the floor’s stain before you install it to make things much easier on yourself.

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