Homerwood Hardwood Flooring: Supreme Quality and Craftsmanship

Homerwood-Hardwood-FlooringHomerWood hardwood flooring is focused on revealing the naturally perfect essence of trees. Quality characteristics like distinct grain and original markings go into every plank giving you a premium hardwood floor. This results and a sophisticated, premium hardwood floor featuring clear and character boards, allowing the planks to showcase the stellar attributes of the raw wood. This makes it stand out well above other hardwood flooring companies. Through an incredible work ethic and meticulous attention to detail HomerWood hardwood flooring has achieved a one-of-a-kind flooring brand.


How does Homerwood Hardwood Flooring stand above the crowd?

Custom Design Options

Arguably the most customizable hardwood flooring on the market, Homerwood offers a vast array of size options. Wide width planks go above and beyond the norm with 7″ to 8″ standard options with each line and remarkably anywhere for their to an unheard of 14″ custom floor. But the didn’t stop at widths, they can increase the length of the wood to an incredible 12′!

Homerwood-Hardwood-Flooring-Black-Walnut-And-CreamUnmatched Amish Craftsmanship

Every single premium hand scraped Homerwood hardwood board is hand crafted by a local Pennsylvania Dutch craftsmen. So much goes into each board that each is literally a one-of-a-kind piece of art. So much in fact that the craftsmen who created that particular piece of wood, will sign the back of it. This complete throwback to a rare, authentic, and timeless hands on method of crafting is unheard of in this day and age.

Prime Construction and Durability

HomerWood hardwood flooring features a large amount of options in design and construction. Coming in both 3/4″ solid and 5/8″ engineered thickness profiles and longer than standard length options ranging from 1-7′ offer magnificent styling, unsurpassed performance and stunning visuals that will raise the level of sheer elegance in any home.

HomerWood hardwood flooring applies the best finished available, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to enhance its natural strength even more. This makes for extreme durability levels, and this shows in the warranty. The warranty is the best offered in the hardwood flooring industry.

The Highest Quality Because it is Made in the USA

HomerWood’s manufactury facility is located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountain region in Titusville, PA. They work hard to keep all materials required American made as well and typically get the material from within a 200-mile radius of their facilities location.┬áPrecision milling and a hands-on approach by hardworking American quality control, assures that your floor is the best of the best.

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