Hardwood Flooring Winter Prep Jumpstart

Hardwood-FlooringYea, I know it only just turned fall, but it is never too early to get a jump start on prepping your hardwood flooring for the winter months. According to the almanac, this will be a real pickle of a winter, so the sooner you get the prep work done on your hardwood flooring, the better. I don’t know if it has happened to you yet, but it is starting to get very chilly in Georgia, so much that it may be time to fire up the furnace. Today, we will be going over a few things that will help your floor to deal with this dramatic seasonal change.

How to Prepare your

Hardwood Flooring for Winter

  • Do a Gap Check – Before you begin, you should always assess any damage that your flooring has undergone. Popping and bucking are all good indicators that your flooring has went through a warm/humid spell, which is very typical during the summer months. During the winter months you will notice that the dry cold will shrink the hardwood flooring, creating visible gaps. While their is nothing you can really do to prevent these changes other than monitoring your homes humidity year round, there are a few fixes for your gaps. This is important because when winter arrives you do not want your heat escaping through the gaps in your hardwood flooring, and you also don’t want cold getting in from below.

hardwood-flooring1. Use a Dust and Resin Filling Between Gaps in the Hardwood Flooring.

2. Use hardwood filler strips between the boards.

3. Apply a color matched acrylic filler to the gaps.

  • Next stop is flooring repair – At this stage in the game if you were planning on repairing some scratches or need to re-oil your very old hardwood floors, this is the time to do so. This is because the shrinking that the winter will cause to your hardwood flooring will only make the scratches look worse come springtime. Speaking of spring, devote a weekend to spring cleaning your hardwood floor before winter begins. A nice conditioned clean floor will do much better than a dried up dirty floor. If you have the cash, bring in a professional to really pull out all of the stops.
  • Preventative Measures – Winter really stinks when it comes to tracking in dirt, especially if you live in an area where snow is a very common accoutrement to the weather conditions. Doormats on the outside and inside of your homes’ entrances are the best strategy that you can buy. And I’m not talking going to pic up some cheap ones, a good quality door mat will give you a much needed boost to hardwood flooring protection. Better quality door mats will soak up more water, can typically be cleaned easily and have better impermeable backings saving your flooring from leaking moisture.
  • Control your Moisture Levels – Another big thing during the winter is the excessive heating. Even though you think that it would dry your home on the inside, be away that anytime you alter the natural environment by mechanical means, you will see dramatic changes in humidity. Expansion and contraction due to both temperature and humidity changes will occur if you do not keep a watchful eye and regulate your homes humidity.

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