Vinyl Tile Flooring 6 Reasons Its Perfect

Vinyl-Tile-FlooringHave you seen Vinyl Tile Flooring lately? It is vastly different from what it was 10 years ago. I bet you actually know someone who hasn’t installed and you have no idea that it isn’t real tile or wood flooring. Their are numerous reasons why you should consider vinyl tile for your property, but today I want to focus on what really stands out to us about vinyl tile flooring.

6 Reasons Vinyl Tile Flooring is Perfect for You!

1.  Great Prices – Sticker shock is never a good thing when shopping for a functional flooring option. Why spend a ton on materials when you can get an exceptional floor for less? You will be surprised to find that even the highest spectrum of vinyl tile flooring is still cheaper than base quality versions of other flooring options. So you can get a great floor for cheap, without sacrifices the comfort of going with a high quality product.

2.  Installation is a breeze – Further saving you money and time, this floor is a DIYers dream. It was literally made with the notion that you will not have to deal with an installer. You can draw lines on the sub-floor and literally lay it all out before you even begin. This is very helpful for first time installers. Most of the time you will glue this flooring down, but now they have lay flat vinyl tile flooring that doesn’t even require you to glue it, you just lay it down. Cutting the tile is as simple as scoring it with a razor edge and bending it until it snaps. The result is a perfectly clean line to work with. No power tools required!

3.  To Grout or not to Grout – With tile you have to grout and some really do not like the look and feel of a grouted floor. With that being said some love it. The great thing about vinyl tile flooring is that depending on the brand of flooring you choose, you will have the option to decide if you want to grout it or not. Yes, you can grout a vinyl tile floor!

Vinyl-Tile-Flooring4.  Hassle Free Samples – If you have every looked at tile samples before, especially if you have had them mailed to you. You will typically be required to buy a whole box. This is because when tile ships it breaks easily. With vinyl tile you don’t have to worry about boxes being moved around and tiles breaking because they are far less rigid than that of traditional tiles.

5.  Rental Property Dream Flooring – If you are looking for the perfect flooring for your rental property you can get better than this. It looks stunning and is very easy to repair. It is more warming than tile and doesn’t stain like hardwood and carpet. It is just a Great Choice all around.

6.  Simple Care and Maintenance – The care for this flooring is done with a simple sweep/vacuum and occasional damp mopping. Maintenance is even better, as there is none. No waxing, staining or refinishing required for vinyl tile flooring!

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  1. Jennifer Stetler @ LVT Calgary says:

    After reading this post i would like to install vinyl flooring in my new office because it’s looking so nice and very durable.

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