6 Reasons Why Bamboo Flooring Works!

Bamboo FlooringSeems like no matter how you look at it, Bamboo flooring is an incredible option for most homes. People love the spotted look of bamboo, but beyond that it comes with some really good benefits and qualities. It is very DIY friendly and potential buyers really love the aesthetic appeal. Even though it isn’t really hardwood, it shares many of the same qualities, but with a few added bonuses. These benefits are exactly what we will be discussing today.

6 Reasons Why Bamboo Flooring Works!


Bamboo-Flooring1.  Looks – Light in color and heavy in personality, bamboo flooring offers a less traditional pattern than hardwood floors. This is mainly due to the fact that it is not a tree, but rather a much thinner and longer piece of hard grass. Because of how bamboo grows, you get a spotted pattern in the flooring, with thin strips of texture. This does look like it is a grain of hardwood, but it has to do with the construction of the product. Overall, it is unique and very pleasing to eye.

2.  Durable – Even though bamboo flooring is a grass, it has been rated on the Janka hardness test. Amazingly enough it is more hard than both maple and white oak, two common domestic hardwood types. What does this mean?

Well, it means that it will resist scratching and denting more-so than a few hardwood options, placing it in the middle range of floor durability.

Bamboo-Flooring-Closet3.  Costs Less than Hardwood – Music to the ears of many, bamboo is usually less than most species of solid hardwood flooring. Because of certain properties, which are listed below, the longevity of bamboo flooring can sometimes run longer than hardwood floors.

4.  Resistant to the Elements – Bugs, mold and moisture have a hard time taking on bamboo. Bamboo is naturally resistant to termites, mold and moisture. The cellulose properties of this incredible material are not in the least attractive to termites like that of hardwood. Humidity isn’t hard on bamboo either so it is ideal in tropical climates due to its natural moisture resistance.

5.  Installation – Just because a material is unique, doesn’t make it complicated. This is most definitely true during DIY installation as you have the option to go with a traditional tongue and groove or a click together mechanism. This allows you to worry less about the sub-flooring for those of you who have concrete sub-floors. Versatility is the key to any DIY projects success, and bamboo flooring is chalked full of it.

6.  Highly Sustainable – Bamboo is a front runner in the sustainability department. It plant to harvest cycle is incredibly efficient, allow room for cropping. Some trees can take up to 50 years to come to maturity making it very hard to turn. This means we will harvest these particular trees before we can grow them back. The fast growth of bamboo makes it possible to harvest in an incredible 3 years time. Nothing beats that.


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