What to Know When Choosing A Floor

Flooring is the main focus in most rooms of your home. Because of the amount of options available, choosing the right flooring to fit your specific needs is a staggering and tedious process. Factors like lifestyle, design aesthetic and functionality are very important when choosing your next flooring option. Whether your looking at hardwood, laminate, tile, luxury vinyl tile, carpet or area rugs, asking yourself the right questions and taking the time to avoid making a hasty decision is of utmost importance. Today we will be giving you the information to really think about before coming to a final decision.

Let’s start with how you want your flooring to FEEL!

Besides the obvious difference between carpet and hard surface floors, each flooring type will have a distinctive feel and sound to them when walking about. It is important to know this because you will have to live with your particular choice for a good bit. Here are how each flooring type will feel:

  • Hardwood Flooring – Very hard and solid under your feet, you will feel no give when walking on a properly installed. It is a little cold to the touch in the winter months, but feels great in the summer.
  • Laminate Flooring – Another hard and solid option, that is cooler to the touch. Sometimes laminate can have an echoing effect on a household, opting for a noise cancelling cushion, padding or underlayment can help reduce the echo.
  • Carpet – Incredibly soft and warming. Best sound reduction qualities of all floors.
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile – Hard with a slight give, making it very comfortable. Even though LVT may seem like it is cold all the time, it is more warm than laminate and hardwood floors are.
  • Ceramic or Stone – These are the hardest most rigid flooring option, but they can be ideal for those of you who love to where shoes in the house, because of their stability. Definitely cold.


Now let’s Discuss LIFESTYLE in your home. Not to get personal but it is an excellent indication of what type of flooring will best serve you and your family. If you are very active your not going to want to go with a carpet. If you have children who are prone to spilling, then you should get something with stain and moisture resistance. If your never home, your going to want a low maintenance flooring option. The list can really go on and on when discussing our unique living situations, so this one is more about common sense and what is most practical for you.


Ceramic-Tile-FlooringThis is everyone’s favorite of course. This really speaks to the individual, but do not forget that flooring is not your entire home. Yes you can design your home around a floor, but if you already have a household full of furnishings it would behoove you to focus on what you have to work with. If you already have a certain aesthetic following that would not only rejuvenate your current scheme by adding a new dimension to the room in the form of flooring, but it will also save you money because you will not have to buy completely new furnishing and decor.


Performance is key to a successful purchase. If your flooring is too much to keep up with you will not be happy with it. Constant repairs and maintenance will not serve you or your family well. Look at the benefits of your chosen flooring before going forward with anything and compare it to a competitors floor. It may surprise you with what you find.

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  1. Dave says:

    A nice article Tommie. I totally agree with what you say about choosing the right flooring for your lifestyle. How many people overlook this and go straight for the design?

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