Walnut is an Excellent Hardwood Flooring Option!

WalnutsWhen it comes to beautiful flooring Walnut Hardwood really raises the bar. This naturally dark brown hardwood species is known for its deep purple and black tones. Like most hardwood species it gets more beautiful with age, bringing elegance and sophistication to any atmosphere. Today, we will be discussing the Walnut species of hardwood so that you can better come to an understanding of just how amazing it is.

General Information about Walnut

One of the most interesting facts about Walnut is that it is the only native North American wood that is naturally dark. It is most prominent in the east. Distinctive color and beautiful grain patterns push this species to the front of the pack of the domestic hardwood flooring options. The color will typically range anywhere from rich deep chocolate to off white sapwood, this makes for a stunning array of color choices when shopping around.

Walnut-TreeWalnut has a straight grain that is generally accompanied by a highly detailed swirl pattern. The Walnut itself is a softer hardwood flooring option scoring a 1010. This is not to say that it isn’t durable, it just means that it cuts easy and is more resistant to splintering. A softer hardwood also finishes beautifully.

Walnut Hardwood Flooring

Get ready to warm your home from the ground up, because walnut brings your home a comfortable and inspiring aesthetic, but there are some things you should definitely take into consideration before going gung ho about purchasing it.

Walnut-Hardwood-FlooringYou should ask yourself if dark floors are the way to go before you choose walnut. Furnishings may clash if they are dark as well, but usually with the right lighting and wall color you can prevent a design disaster.

Walnut is actually a very affordable hardwood option, however hardwood in general is typically more expensive than other floor options. Shopping around for the best prices on walnut wood flooring, would assure keeping the cost as low as possible.

Ask yourself if a DIY installation is impossible or not for you. Installation can often times be jarring to the first time floor shopper, but if you are capable of doing your own install or have a family or friend that can help, you will literally knock hundreds off of the installation cost depending on the amount of flooring you are installing.

Final Thoughts on Walnut

Traditionally walnut has been a go to option in flooring since hardwoods inception into modern society. It is beautiful, warming and timeless. If this sounds good to you, I think you have found your floor. Happy Shopping and Enjoy It!

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