The Right Time to Refinish Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood-FlooringEven though we may want to refinish our hardwood flooring whenever we see a scratch, it is not so wise to do it as a scheduled maintenance. Many believe that hardwood floors have a set amount of years before it’s time to freshen it up again. This is hardly the case, as if you care for you flooring properly it could take a long while to even get to the point to need a refinishing. Today, we will explore when the right time to refinish your hardwood floors is.

Realistically Speaking…

You will refinish your floors when you feel it is necessary. Some people choose to do it every 3-4 years, while others can go anywhere from 20 to 30 years. This depends on the amount of care and wear that is put on your flooring. Of course when you keep your flooring in tip top condition it will keep its original beauty much more longer. Households when children and pets will be at the shorter end of the time slot, due to the excessive foot traffic and scratching associated with playing around the house.

As you can see the right time to refinish has a lot of variables and is truly unique to each home and application.

Hardwood-FloorsHow much does refinishing your hardwood cost?

I know you are expecting that it costs a lot to refinish your hardwood, but surprisingly its not really that expensive. The main issue is the mess and the time it takes to do it. The mess is associated with moving furniture and sanding it. The dust is rather extreme during the sanding process. This can be kept to a minimal if you take certain precautions such as placing plastic barriers in doorways, as well as utilizing and shop vac and opening the windows. It is always recommended to wear protective gear to protect your lungs and eyes from the dust.

The next step is where the expense comes in a bit, only for the products that you need. The big issue to most people is the time that it requires. After sanding you will need to stain the floor and the add 2-3 coats of polyurethane to finish it. This can take days as each coating will require 24 hours to dry properly.

While this may not be conceivable for everyone, a DIY refinishing of hardwood flooring is very reachable. It will just take a bit of time and good old fashion elbow grease.

Hardwood-FloorWhen are the BEST TIMES to refinish your hardwood?

  • Before moving in to your new home – This eliminates the process of moving a ton of stuff back and forth because you get to work on a blank canvas. Also you won’t have to deal with the chemical smell from the finishing processes while they are drying.
  • Before you sell your home – Its always best to freshen up when putting your home on the market. Refinishing your floors will put that little sparkle needed to catch the eye of the potential buyers. It’s also a great note for your Realtor to focus on, especially if the home is bare of furniture and decor.
  • When the kids are away – Let’s face facts, its hard to get anything done when kids are all over the place. Summer camp or Athletic retreats are great for fitting in a hardwood floor refinishing job, without the worry of accidental walking across the floor and you kids breathing in the chemical smells.

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    Excellent article and tips on when and how one should refinish their hardwood floors. Hardwood floor owners struggle with trying to keep their floors clean, scratch free, and look like brand new. But when in reality – floors get the foot of our everyday lives! It all comes down to your preference and your time. Let’s face it, we all love and are attached to our hardwood floors and of course we all try to protect it from everyday life – but with these tips we can breathe easy and just enjoy the natural beauty of hardwood.

  1. October 17, 2013

    […] Solid hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished when needed and is typically required if you have had the flooring for at least 15 years. […]

  2. October 17, 2013

    […] Solid hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished when needed and is typically required if you have had the flooring for at least 15 years. […]

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