Kitchen Flooring: Choose What You Want!

Hardwood-Kitchen-FlooringThere has always been a big debate about what the proper type of flooring for a kitchen would be. There are a ton of flooring choices that will work in your kitchen, you have just been brainwashed to think that they won’t. While this is a great way to make people buy certain types of flooring, it leaves much to be desired for the consumer who had their eye on a particular flooring type, only to be talked out of it. Today we will attempt to reprogram your brain so that you can be happy with your kitchen flooring choice.

So, what type of flooring works?

Everything But Carpet!

Here is a little about each of the flooring types that you can use in your kitchen, despite what you may have heard.

  • Tile Kitchen FlooringVinyl flooring for kitchen flooring has always been a great choice. This is because it was really developed for places like kitchens, basements, laundry and bathrooms. Though an incredible flooring choice for this particular application, it isn’t as aesthetically appealing as some of the more expensive options available. Vinyl is however, softer than the majority of kitchen floor options to walk on. It is also incredibly easy ┬áto clean making it one of the best options if you are under time constraints.
  • Laminate flooring for the kitchen is another solid option. Don’t get scared if water spills on the flooring as laminate protective veneer layer and finish is an excellent water repellent. This is at the medium spectrum when it comes to price, but has an incredibly good reputation. Laminate as a kitchen flooring option is great if you want the wood or tile look, without the wood and tile price.
  • Laminate Kitchen FlooringHardwood is a great choice for the kitchen floor, and is simply stunning to look at. Whether you choose to go with solid or engineered hardwood flooring is really up to you, granted you take care of it. Engineered will have a better results when it comes to accidents involving water, but if you stay on top of it and clean up spills when they happen, there is no reason that solid wood flooring wouldn’t be a viable option for you.

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