Hardwood Flooring Maintenance In 11 Simple Steps

Most are concerned with the amount of maintenance that one must go through when keeping hardwood flooring in pristine condition. While it is definitely one of the more needy flooring options available, a properly maintained hardwood floor will add character and value to your home as the years go by. It really is worth the effort in the grand scheme of things. Today we are offering up 11 steps to staying on top of your hardwood’s maintenance so that you can enjoy it for life.


11 Steps to Hardwood Flooring Maintenance


1.  Basic Cleaning – Dirt and debris can really cause some issues with your flooring if you do not clean on a regular basis. It is very important to sweep or vacuum 2-3 times a week. I like using a dust mop because it is significantly faster than sweeping. When sweeping up, it is important to include anything on the hardwood flooring too, such as door mats or rugs that can be easily cleaned.

Hallway-Hardwood-Flooring2.  Color Changes – If hardwood flooring is exposed to sunlight for a period of time, it will begin to darken. While this is typically a beautiful transition, it can leave your flooring with an uneven coloration, especially if you use area rugs. To stop them from darkening use sheer or blinds with your window treatments to block the UV rays.

3.  Felt Pads – Things scratch hardwood flooring, even if you have an excellent finish, it is only a matter of time before your flooring will show wear. Nothing is impenetrable when it comes to flooring, so protect it from what you can by using felt padding on the parts of your furniture and decor that touch the floor. This will save you the hassle of repairing them later.

4.  Bare Feet – Shoes should always be removed when walking on hardwood floors, although your biggest threat is high heels, so sorry ladies, and some gentlemen… Wearing socks when your shoes are off is also recommended as your feet naturally product oils which overtime can seep in to the hardwoods surface.

5.  Climate Control – When using air conditioning and heating, it would behoove you to utilize a humidifier and dehumidifier to monitor and control the levels of humidity in your home, especially during dramatic seasonal changes. Keep the level of humidity between 30% to 50% for optimal care.

6.  Water is an Enemy – When mopping, never pour any type of water or liquid directly on your hardwood flooring. This can cause a lot of damage as the hardwood is naturally porous and love to drink up liquids. A damp mopping with the proper wood floor cleaning product will always suffice.

Open-Hardwood-Flooring7.  Pets – Keeping your animal well groomed and bathed eliminates the damage issues that are caused by pets when it relates to your hardwood flooring. Typically animals require personal grooming every 2 weeks.

8.  Say no to Unnatural Cleaning Products – Harsh cleaning chemicals can and will destroy your flooring over time. Self-made natural concoctions are great, just make sure you do your research. But overall there is nothing better than specific hardwood floor cleaning products.

9.  Lift, Don’t Slide – So many people still slide furniture across the flooring. I’m not really sure why, as common sense would dictate that the sliding noises coming from under the furniture’s feet are scratching it. They do. Make sure to have a game plan when moving furniture and lift it off the ground before moving it. They also make special furniture moving devices that you can pick up anywhere, so you don’t have to do major heavy lifting.

10.  Use the Right Vacuum Settings – Never use the beater bar when vacuuming your hardwood flooring. Beater bars will push more dirt around than pic it up, just using the sucking action is the way to go.

11.  When Scratching Happens – Inevitably accidents happen, so you should be prepared to address it when it does. It will be up to you to determine if you will need to seek professional help or not. This depends on the size and deepness of the scratch of course. If you think you can handle it though, you can pick up a simple repair kit from your local box store to do the job.


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