Carpet Warranty Keep it Valid with these Tips!

Carpet WarrantyEven if your carpet is new and beautiful and you think that nothing will ever harm it, it can and it will. Accidents just have a way of happening. Whether it is pet, child, foot traffic or just plain old “UH OH,” your carpet warranty has a big job to do. Unfortunately many of us don’t follow specific guidelines provided by our carpet manufacturers, and we find ourselves without the support of a warranty out of the blue. Today we will be going over a few tips that will keep your warranty valid for the most part, we can’t go over every little detail since their are many different manufacturers with many different coverage details, so we will cover the basics.


What does a Carpet Warranty do? 

Basically a warranty covers any manufacturer defects, stain and soil resistance issues, texture retention, fading resistance issues and anti-static issues, of course these will vary per company and product. Because all of these warranties are very different when comparing apples to apples, it is important to spend the right amount of time going over the carpet warranty until you reach a full understanding of it. If you don’t understand it, you could always call the manufacturer and speak to an authority on the matter. They should be able to easily clear up any confusion.


How to Keep Your Carpet Warranty Strong!


Preventative measures can and must be taken to assure the warranty not be void, here are questions that you should answer when reading your carpet warranty:

  • What types of preventative maintenance are you required to perform?
  • What type of padding or cushion are you supposed to use?
  • Judging by your personal amount of household foot traffic, how will coverage for stain resistance and texture retention fair in your home?


Carpet WarrantyNext you should identify the answers to these question related to spilling and staining:

  • What specific methods and chemicals are recommended for spot treating stains?
  • Are there any specific cleaning products that should not be used to spot clean that would void the carpet warranty if you did?
  • What kinds of stains aren’t covered by the warranty?
  • When should you have your Carpet professionally cleaned, and what professional cleaning method is recommended?


Answer these questions so that if you do need to make a claim, you will have all of the right information and documentation to do so without any issues or misunderstandings:

  • What specific document is used to file a claim for your carpet warranty?
  • Will you be required to have an inspection arranged?
  • Will installation be covered if the carpet is repaired or completely replaced if a problem presents itself?
  • Is there a sliding scale to cover the replacement value of your particular carpet?


Answer all of these questions and keep them handy. Use them as a quick reference to keep your warranty as healthy as your carpet will be.

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