Bliss Indulgence Carpet: Soft and Strong

FineSpun-Bliss-Indulgence-CarpetBliss carpet has found the perfect synergy between comfort and durability with its Indulgence collection. Usually you don’t equate a carpet that is known for its protection quality with something soft. You think hard rough fibers with virtually no comfortable qualities, but when it comes to Bliss Indulgence being soft is of the utmost importance. Today we will be going over the features of Bliss Indulgence carpet, and allowing you to get a sense of what it could offer you home.

The Basics of Bliss Indulgence Carpet

Indulgence is a highly sophisticated carpet, boasting many features and benefits. The fibers of the carpet are a solution dyed filament nylon, which allows for extreme comfort and durability. The color options are very neutral and natural, allowing you to take full control of your room’s design.

Cleaning your Bliss Indulgence Carpet couldn’t be any easier thanks to advanced technologies in the fiber itself. You can even use a 50/50 bleach and water solution without damaging the carpet fibers!


  • Peerless-Bliss-Indulgence-CarpetWrinkle Guard – This is a premium carpet backing that installs completely wrinkle free. Utilizing a unique blend of high-density synthetic woven fibers, it provides incredible comfort while walking on it, with the added bonus of dimensional stability. This backing is unlike most on the market today because it is less abrasive and slides over carpet cushion very easily during installation.
  • Permasoft Fiber – The fiber itself is pillow soft, but not at all weak to stains and smudges. This is thanks the to the fact that the fiber is dyed all the way through the fiber. In other words, if you were to cut a strand in half you would see that the color goes all the way through to the core. This is great for wearing as it will not discolor over time. This advanced fade and stain resistant technology is just what the doctor ordered for busy families that are prone to spills and playful accidents.
  • Magic Fresh – This is a state of the art odor reducing carpet treatment that is applied to the carpet during production. This completely natural product is safe for children and pets to play on and it will last the life of your floor. An amazing detail about it is that it is completely self renewing because it will continuously working to get rid of odors in your home. Odors like pet smells, trash cans and smoking. This is incredibly helpful to those of us who enjoy a clean and fresh smelling home.

If you like that information about Bliss Indulgence Carpet, you will love the warranty that comes with purchasing it. The Serenity Guarantee is what they call it and it is a comprehensive protection package giving you peace and mind to your purchase. This is the protection you get:

  • Charismatic-Bliss-Indulgence-CarpetLifetime No Exclusions Stain Removal Warranty
  • Lifetime Soil Resistance Warranty
  • Lifetime Fade Resistance Warranty
  • 25 Year Durability Warranty
  • 25 Year Texture Retention Warranty
  • 25 Year Manufacturer’s Defects Warranty
  • 10 Year Wrinkle Guard No-Wrinkle Warranty
  • 45 Day “No-Questions-Asked” Promise

If all of this sounds good to you…

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