Allergy Free Hardwood Floor Cleaning!

As many of you know, cleaning hardwood flooring can be a dirty and dusty job. Everything from dust, debris and dander is thrown into the air, making your air quality and allergy catalyst. Today, we will be discussing cleaning options that will give you clean air quality even if your floors haven’t been cleaned in a while.

The Issue With Traditional Sweeping


Brooms are designed to push dirt and dust. This pushing action paired with flexible plastic brush will literally create makeshift dust catapults when sweeping a hardwood floor. This would be fine if the tiny particles didn’t wind up in your air. Breathing all of this in isn’t good for you in general and can be devastating to those of us that suffer from allergies or asthma. A brooms main issue is the fact that the particles have no where to fly to once airborne and it is up to gravity to bring it down. So while brooms are a handy tool for the home, they are definitely not the best option for caring for your floors.

Vacuuming and the Beater Bar

Vacuuming is the best option in my opinion to clean hardwood floors. The suction action of the vacuum is a great way to prevent dust from returning to your home’s atmosphere. The fact that you have a bag and a filter for fine particles is a huge factor in allergy prevention.

Vacuuming-Hardwood-FlooringThere is a huge issue with a vacuum though, it has this little thing called a beater bar. True to its name, the beater bar literally beats the surface it is on with a rotating brush. This seems like an incredibly fluid option and for things like carpet it allows for fluffing and debris removal. The issue however is the fact that on hardwood, that is typically susceptible to scratching and scuffing you can do a lot of damage. This is because the bar rotates at high RPMs and can wear down the finish on your flooring very, very quickly. The result is a dull floor.

If you are going to vacuum you flooring it is highly suggested that you find a lightweight vacuum that doesn’t have a beater bar. Some vacuum cleaners even have a setting specifically for hardwood floors.

It also helps to get a vacuum that has rubber wheels. This will give you 100% assurance that your not scuffing up the floor with hard rotating plastics.

Dust Free Cleaning without a Vacuum

Dust-Mopping-Hardwood-FloorIf you have been sweeping for awhile and don’t have the funds to run out and buy a better quality vacuum at the moment, another option to removing dust from your hardwood flooring is a damp mop. I actually dampen a wash cloth and move it around with my broom. The dampness of the cloth adds weight to the dust and debris by adding liquid to the mix. Moistened dust and dirt will not return to the air until the moisture has evaporated. Most of it will wind up in the mop or cloth. This is the most complete way to clean your hardwood flooring quickly without allowing dirt, dust and debris to pollute your home’s air quality.

I hope this helped, feel free to leave any comments or share any alternatives that you may have discovered works will for cutting down on dust when cleaning your floors. Thanks for reading!

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