Advantages of Choosing Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Commercial-Vinyl-OfficeCommercial vinyl flooring has been a go to for businesses for years. It is mainly due to its incredible water resistance and low-cost maintenance regimen. Durability is also another huge factor in this decision because it doesn’t have to be replaced as often. Choosing commercial flooring for your business is the best choice for high traffic venues, store fronts and offices. Today we will be discussing everything about commercial vinyl and what advantages it will apply to your commercial setting!

Not just a durable product, it comes with a very large selection of brands, colors, textures and styles. It can actually be printed to look just like hardwood or stone flooring. It isn’t like the vinyl of the old days, these are incredibly realistic replications of natural materials.

Blue-Vinyl-FlooringIf your worried about the price of flooring your commercial environment fear not, there is a vinyl option for you. However just because you find a super cheap deal on it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your research first. In the flooring industry, you will find that you will typically get what you pay for in quality of the flooring.

Thickness of the Wear Layer is your first defense against visible blemishes on your vinyl flooring. A thick wear level directly translates into a protective layer. Lower end wear layers will only be around 10mm thick, while higher end products will have wear layers around 30mm thick.

Choosing between sheet or luxury vinyl tile can be a hard decision to make for a first time flooring venture. It is best to consult with your sales associate and explain the traffic flow through your office or storefront. While tiles may take a little more time to install, they may be a better overall option for your particular niche in the business world.

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