5 Mistakes Often Made with Laminate Installation

Installing-Laminate-FlooringToday’s blog is all about giving you a few pointers for your next laminate installation. Rather than concentrating on what to do step by step, we will focus mainly on what the most common mistakes are that we hear about when laminate floors are being installed. A little backwards I know, If you would like to see a step by step guide to installing laminate flooring just click here. But we strongly suggest you read this one first.

Common Issues When Installing Laminate Flooring


1.  Messed Up Measurements – It’s not hard to see why this is so difficult for most, especially if your not really a tape measure packing kind of person. The major issues aren’t always the measuring, but more so the shape of the room and how difficult it will be to get an actual square yardage. For example, if you have oddly shaped walls or door frames. Even if it doesn’t seem like much, these minor details can cause a shortage in the amount of flooring that you should buy to begin with. This is why it is smart to always purchase around 15% more of what your measurements dictate. This will assure that the job is completely possible, while simultaneously allowing you to have replacement laminate in case a board gets messed up.

2.  Using the Saws – Another big issue is ones inability to use and lack of experience with cutting tools. While for most DIY veterans it seems like no big deal, it takes practice to get a straight cut with flooring material. Whenever you cut the laminate flooring make sure to be neat and aligned properly. If you are unsure of your ability, take the time to lay the flooring out and before it is installed piece it together. This is a long and arduous process but at least you will see any mistakes in your cuts before the flooring goes down.

Place-Laminate-Flooring3.  Don’t Forget to Set Markers – Marking the wall will assure an even installation, If you feel that you know what you are doing and decided against pre laying out the floor when cutting, you must make a guideline. These guides are a huge advantage! If you don’t take this step you will end up with an uneven floor that is full of gaps.

4.  Don’t Hammer It! – When connecting laminate planks to one another they can be a little stubborn, until you get the flow of it that is. The trick is to ease the boards together and never hammer them together. This will not work and causes damage to the boards. When it expands due to seasonal changes, a previously hammered in board will more than likely buckle as it swells because it was not given the gap needed. Hammering it simply puts added pressure on the edges of the board, and this spells disaster for your floor.

5.  The Final Piece of the Puzzle – You won’t know what I’m talking about until you get there but the very last piece of the laminate flooring is the hardest to install. The last plank almost never fits and it will be a battle to get it to do so. This has to do with an imperfect set up, which would actually be remedied if you pre-cut and laid out your flooring before install to make sure it all fit perfectly. If it doesn’t fit just right you will need to shave it down on the not connected side to make it fit. This can take a bit, and no one wants to have to do this on the last stretch.

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