4 Engineered Wood Flooring Myths Busted!

Entry-Engineered-Hardwood-FlooringEngineered hardwood flooring is an incredible flooring option. It is often referred to as fake wood flooring, which is simply not the case. Engineered wood only gets flak because of its name. It is by all means real wood, it just has a less than stigma because it seems like a less impressive version on solid wood flooring. Today, we will debunk common myths about engineered flooring so you have the facts.

Myth 1:  It isn’t really wood.

False, I hate to be the bearer of bad news to some, but it is most certainly real wood. So what makes it Engineered? Simply stated engineered wood is several pieces of real wood compressed together, sometimes other materials are added to increase the strength of the product, but that is done for stability in most cases. This type of construction actually gives you a more durable flooring product. Once the layers are compressed a top layer of beautiful wood, not a photo like laminate, completes the plank. It is then finished with a scratch resistant coating.

Dining-Room-Engineered-Hardwood-FlooringMyth 2:  Engineered Wood Can’t Be Sanded.

Wrong again, you can definitely sand engineered wood and refinish it. Now this all depends on the quality of the product that you chose. There are some cheap brands out there that come with very thin top layers that make it impossible to stand without eliminating the top layer. This is very uncommon though. Depending on the thickness, you could expect to sand and refinish it 2-3 times in its life cycle, but considering you only should sand and refinish every 15-30 years, I would say that it is nothing to stress over.

Modern-Engineered-Hardwood-FlooringMyth 3:  Wood Floors Have to Be Sanded for Maintenance on a Regular Basis.

Nope! How this started I have no idea, but once again no hardwood floor should be sanded on a regular basis. That is completely overkill and could even damage your solid hardwood floors over time. Each time you sand it weakens the integrity of any wood flooring, simply because you creating a thinner plank.

Myth 4:  You Can’t Put Wood Floors in Bathrooms and Kitchens.

This is less of a myth and more of a benefit of engineered hardwood flooring. Unlike solid hardwoods, engineered is much better when it comes to handling water. This has a lot to do with the option to install it using a floating floor method.

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