3 Back-To-School House Cleaning Tips for Parents

Rejoice! The school year has begun anew. While your excited you have finally gotten some well deserved quiet time, when the children get home from school you are realizing that their daily activities are really messy. Painting, coloring, playing… School definitely has some disadvantages to their work that they can’t wait to bring home. Today we will be giving you some handy and preventative cleaning tips to help you deal with after school chaos around your home.

The Parent’s Guide to After School Cleanliness

Children-Coloring1. At Home Creation Station! – Creative children really love to get in the art boxes when school is back in session, so get used to seeing a ton of markers, paints and crayons scattered around your home. A great way to avoid finding crayons smashed into your carpet is by designated a crafting area for your children to play. Set up bins for various art supplies on the desk or table so that your children can keep the area clean more easily. Children love to help clean up, especially if you make it into a game.

Child-Cleaning2. Tidy Checklist with Incentives – Do you remember the importance of a gold star when you were younger? I do, and call me crazy but nothing made me happier. Children love to work towards a goal, a simple poster board with a few chores can go a long way to keeping a room tidy. Each day the child completes one of the chores on the list you get to give them a gold star sticker, so that they can put it on the board for all of the home to see. Now that the gold stars are in play, give them an incentive. An example is 25 gold stars, gets them and a friend a trip to the ice cream shop.

Children-Playing-Games3. Outdoor Activities – When I was younger I was never inside my home. I would play all day in the sun and come in tired for a nap. Children don’t really get to play outside as much as they used to. In a technology driven society we are finding that they spend most of there time inside, playing video games or watching television. Surprisingly enough, a couch potato field can get dusty. When a child is inside all day long, your left with a mess at the end of the day. Scheduling outdoor activities or after school sports are a great way took keep your child happy and your home from being a constant mess.

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