The Right Time to Purchase New Flooring

When-Do-You-Need-New-FlooringWhen it comes to any new renovation, you quickly realize that you haven’t really thought a lot about what really needs to be considered to do the job. Often times we can become blinded by the glitz and glam of new products and styles. This can lead to purchases that we may not have even needed in the first place. Today, we will be discussing when the best time to upgrade your flooring is.

To some this is a no-brainer, but realizing when it is time to get new or upgrade your flooring can be a challenge. Why? Well for one it can be costly, and this can give us reason to overlook the obvious. For another, it can be hard to determine when a floor is ready to be replaced.

Here are three reasons to replace your flooring without question:

1.  Life Changes

When we go through those big life changes, we tend to want a fresh start. We will take children going off to college or moving out on their own for instance. One can’t help but to imagine the sheer amount of wear that their flooring has endured over the years. Especially if the floor has shared it’s lifetime with a child. Because of the unsteadiness of children’s play, birthday parties, family events… etc., you floors are probably more worn New-Flooring-For-Homethan you realize.

But as they leave the nest, you will soon realize that it is time to get the beautiful floor you have been dreaming about without the worry of it being worn quickly. A great time to invest in new flooring!

2.  Health Issues

Although it is hard to admit, some flooring option could pose potential health issues. While carpet can be of some concern for allergy sufferers, hard surface flooring may be an issue for fall concerns with the elderly. No matter what the flooring each has standard advantages and disadvantages.

Typically we will run into a health concern with our flooring at some point in our lives, just watch for any health concerns throughout your existence where the particular flooring you have can exacerbate the issue.

3.  Time

New-Home-Flooring     No matter how stunning the floor may have been when you originally installed it, it won’t last forever. Even though we would like for a flooring to do so, there is no impenetrable flooring as of yet. So this leaves us with deciding for ourselves if it is time for a flooring change.

Typically you will notice signs of reduced performance and functionality as well as visual wear and tear. In hardwood flooring‘s case, there are options such as refinishing the surface of the wood to repair it, but sometimes depending on the depth of wear, it may behoove you to just get new flooring.

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