The Good and Bad Sides of Bedroom Carpet

Bedroom-CarpetDeciding on what type of flooring to go in your bedroom is very challenging because you really concentrate on comfort vs. functionality. It is hard to say no to soft surrounding. Today we will weigh what carpet can do in your bedroom, and what some of the issues with carpet in the bedroom as well.



The Good Side of Carpet in the Bedroom

  • Sound Reduction – Perhaps one of the greatest charms that a carpet can bring to any setting. This is particularly handy for a bedroom as well, as none of us like to be disturbed while sleeping. We also don’t want to hear our children stomping around upstairs at all hours of the day. Noise from downstairs, such as televisions, games, radios etc. are muted greatly by flooring your bedroom with carpet.
  • Carpet-For-BedroomComfortable – No other flooring option can begin to touch the softness and comfortableness of carpet. This is great for those bare feet on when you step out of bed and feel great for children who never keep their shoes on.
  • Warming – During the chillier part of the year, it’s hard to find a floor that will warm you up from the moment you get out of bed in the morning. But carpet will, it has a huge warmth factor.
  • Easily Maintained – Keeping your carpet pretty and fresh is as simple as vacuuming it and have it professionally cleaned 2-3 times a year.

The Bad side of Carpet in the Bedroom

  • Stains – Carpet stain easier than any other type of flooring you can install. This can be especially annoying when children are involved in the staining, cause with most children you may not find out about it soon enough to do anything about it. It is usually too late to remove a stain if it has sat there for a fair amount of time.
  • Replacement – Bedrooms aren’t really high traffic areas of the home, so the carpet in here will typically out last the rest of the house. That being said though, expect to change out your carpet way before you would a hard surface flooring option!

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