The Advantages of Frieze Carpet

Multi-Colors-Frieze-CarpetMany of us are now completely comfortable with the term “frieze.” Frieze carpet is a favorite among carpet lovers for its incredible texture, soft fibers and natural colors. But it’s not just about the looks. Today we will be getting down to the advantages of frieze carpet.

What is Frieze Carpet?

It’s all about the twist in Frieze. Frieze carpet is a cut pile carpet where they twist the fibers that aren’t stiff. They kind of fall under their own weight, giving is a “mini” shag look. This style of carpet helps to conceal dirt, foot prints, and wear.

Although it can be a bit on the pricey side, it is a worth investment for homes looking for a carpet that will last the long haul while requiring very little maintenance.

Advantages of Frieze Carpet

Good Life Span – Most carpet actually have a good life nowadays, this is due to the many breakthroughs the industry has come across. Durability is the key factor in wearing well, and this is a very durable type of carpeting.

Child-On-Frieze-CarpetFibers – Friezes utilize many different fiber types but the more common fibers are definitely polyester and PET fibers. Will these fibers are very soft they will offer a little less when it comes to stain and wear protection. Opt for a nylon or wool frieze carpet if you are looking for a carpet that will last longer. They are more expensive than the PET and polyester fiber options, but time will reveal that they are a worth investment.

Dirt Concealers – Because vacuuming doesn’t always happen on a daily basis this advantage really speaks volumes when it comes to regular cleaning and maintenance. The Loose construction of the fibers of frieze carpet allow dirt to remain hidden behind the pile until it is time to vacuum. The dirt is actually masked to the human eye. The speckled properties of the fibers also give off a unique multi-toned natural look, making minor stains almost unnoticeable.

Warming Properties – Because most carpet has a warming effect I’m not going to sink my teeth into explaining it as much as usual. However, with that being said it is very important to realize that frieze is on the more warming side of the spectrum compared to other types of carpet, and is only considered second to Shag Carpeting.

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