Shaw Industries Goes Google

Shaw Flooring is already the leading name in the floor covering industry, but now they are teaming up with the biggest name in networking technology, Google, to obtain an even higher level of excellence in their business practices. The use of streamlined networking technology provided by Google for free in the form of Gmail and Google plus social networking to improve communication within the company universally is going to allow the multi-billion dollar manufacturer to bring it’s logistics to a new plateau of efficiency. Using social media to increase the efficiency of corporate infrastructure is something that has been developing for years, but can only be seen in its full glory when portrayed by such monumental couplings such as this one. No longer does the corporate ladder have to be a cold and detached environment. With such partnerships as this, it becomes a much more social, familiar, and happy experience for employees and subsequently for customers as well.


In using Google tools like drive for documents and presentations or Google’s calendar tool, which are automatically backed up and always available, Shaw hopes to bring more synergy to a company that has outgrown every expectation and become one of the biggest employers in the nation. This move to Google technologies and services is well timed with the opening of a new Chinese office that will undoubtedly put strain on the manufacturer’s ability to interchange ideas and information quickly in an ever evolving post industrial age. The company is already internationally expanded with offices in the UK, Middle East, Australia, Latin America and now with three offices in East Asia, positioning them to continue staying ahead of the competition in the flooring industry through an international infrastructure that gives them access to worldwide resources which give them a competitive edge.


Shaw is known by floor covering dealers and consumers alike, because of their many lines of quality floors that stand out in all genres of floor covering products. The name of the game for Shaw has always been bringing consumers quality products with a price range that has something for everyone. With lines of products like their recently released Caress line of ultra-soft carpets, to their super durable Epic hardwood line, Shaw has got every sector of the Flooring Industry covered. If you are a consumer looking for any type of Floor Covering, Shaw products are a great starting point. Using Shaw’s extensive selections of products as a template or starting point in your shopping experience is highly suggested. They set the bar for other manufacturers, so why not let them set the bar for you as well. Be sure to check out our stock of quality floor covering products by Shaw today!

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