Setting the Mood with Carpet Color Therapy

Some of us still do not know the important role that color plays in our live. Depending on the shade, it can make us hungry, sleepy, calm or excited. It is something that is just ingrained in our subconscious that we have little control over. Today we will be discussing color therapy and how you can get inspired mentally from your home decor color choices, focusing on the flooring.

Carpet is really a great advocate for color therapy in the home, allowing you just about any shade to work with, so this is what the focus will be on. I will list off the colors and accompany them with a carpet below, describing the positive effects on your mental state that they may provide as we go along.

Carpet Color Therapy!

Red-CarpetRed – Red is known to stimulate and vitalize the body.

The positive mental effects: Energy, Assertiveness, Feeling Powerful, Excitement, Passion, Feeling Strong-Willed, Courage and Self Motivation. 

Orange-CarpetOrange Orange is known to stimulate warmth and energize the body.

The positive mental effects: Joy, Enthusiasm, Spontaneity, Optimism, Athleticism, Humor and Sensuality.

Yellow-CarpetYellow – Yellow stimulates digestive health and mental processing.

The positive mental effects: Happiness, Radiance, Sociability, Kindness, Rational Thinking, Clear Thinking, and Separation from Emotional Distress.

Green-CarpetGreen – Green stimulates calm and soothing feelings.

The positive mental effects: Balance, Versatility, Sympathy, Compassion, Relaxation, Fairness, and Consistency of Work.


Blue – Blue stimulates cooling effects and safety.

The positive mental effects: Peacefulness, Calm, Tactfulness, Sincerity, Trust, Fluency, and Responsibility.

Indigo – Indigo promotes tranquility and sedation.

The positive mental effects: Visualization, Knowledge, Inspiration, Intuition, Empathy, Perspective, Acceptance, and Open-Mindedness.

Purple-CarpetViolet – Violet stimulates sound mind and body in general.

The positive mental effects: Inspiration, Dignity, Increased Artistic Ability, Nobility, Spirituality, Independence, and Personality.

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