Make Your Room Look Bigger With These Floor Tips!

Do you live in a cave, or what appears to be one? Sometimes no matter what you do a room just feels much smaller than it really is. But it doesn’t have to. Light colors aren’t working and lighting doesn’t help, it’s time to look at the foundation. The foundation starts from the ground up. Today, we will be giving some helpful and handy tips for makinSmall-Rooms-Are-A-Big-Problemg your small rooms look larger and more open by utilizing your flooring options.

Don’t get frustrated and give up on your cozy room, use these tips to a bigger and better space.

5 Tips to a Bigger Room using your Flooring!

Tip #1   Wider Is Better – Choosing wider planks of hardwood flooring rather than strips will definitely make a huge difference in how large your room looks. 5″ inches or more in width are typically the measurements on width that you should focus on. In case you haven’t noticed, wide plank hardwoods are really trending now. A bigger board means less seams in your room, creating an open floor plan look that is far less busy than that of strip hardwood boards. Laying the boards parallel to the longest wall in the room will also give the room a longer appeal.

Tip #2   It’s All About the Angle – Flooring your room diagonally will ad an incredible amount of imaginary space to your room. This is because the grout or seams will stretch the length of the room from corner to corner it gives the appearance that it really goes on. It is also very visually stimulating.

Large-Tiles-Are-A-Great-Way-To-Enlarge-A-Room-With-FlooringTip #3   Don’t Avoid Dark Wood – In the past I’m sure that you have stumbled across articles in magazines and online about how dark wood flooring makes your room smaller. This is simply not the case. The correct combination of wall color paired with the right moldings and trimmings can make a dark hardwood really pop and open up a room. Start with a “Cool” color choice for your wall and choose a trim that matches your flooring. When it comes to the crown molding go with a white or a shade a tiny bit lighter than that of the walls. This will make your eyes wander up the room.

Tip #4   Large Tiles – Picking the big tiles whether LVT, Ceramic or Stone, is a sure fire way to increase the appearance of a larger space. This is because it makes the floors seem like they have more square footage than they actually do. Voiding the grout during installation will hide seams better, it is also very chic now trend wise.

Tip #5   Join Rooms Through Flooring – Perhaps one of the most overlooked of the tips is to continue your rooms flooring into the adjacent rooms. This provides a seamless transition from the small room to the next, making it look like they are meant to be connected, therefore opening up your rooms. It is also suggested that you extend the design aesthetic of the small room to the adjoining rooms for fluidity.

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