Luxury Vinyl Tile is Easy to Install When It’s Earthwerks

Earthwerks has a very impressive luxury vinyl tile. It is sturdy yet comfortable, and is often mistaken for being the real thing. Today we will be walking you through the installation process of this DIY friendly flooring. Enjoy!

How To Install Earthwerks Luxury Vinyl Tile:

Earthwerks-Aberdeen-Plank-Vinyl-Tile-FlooringTools needed:

  • Chalkline
  • Carpenter Square
  • Utility Knife
  • Pencil
  • Tape Measure
  • Yes, that’s really all you need!

Preparation:  Begin prepping the room by removing the furniture and any appliances that are on the floor or may be hard to work under. After this is squared away work your way around the area and remove any wall and door trim. Finally, undercut the door casings.

Installing the Earthwerks Luxury Vinyl Tile

When installing any type of plank vinyl tile, it is recommended that the layout of the planks be parallel to the longest wall in the installation area.

This makes for a great look after it is down. Make sure to open several boxes of the planks, and mix them up. This greatly increases the level authentic natural look of the flooring.


The Steps:

1. Figure out what layout you are planning and commit to it. Fit the largest planks, now snap the chalk line to determine your starting point.

2. Now by randomly choosing your planks from several boxes at a time, begin installation. To get you started properly, grab a whole plank and place it on the left end of the chalkline you snapped earlier. The plank will be tongue side closest to the wall. They should fit the wall and leave a 1/4 expansion space between the planks and the wall. You will have to trim some of them to fit the wall, just make sure to place the cut edges towards the wall, this you means you will only cut the tongue side of the planks.

Cutting Tip: Cutting vinyl planks is incredibly easy, simply use your straight edge to evenly mark the cut, and score the top surface of the material. Now in a steady motion bend the plank towards the bottom of the flooring material, using the scored area as a “hinge”, you get a clean and easy cut every time!

3. Now attach the end joints of the planks you laid during the first row. To do this you will insert the tongue into the groove while simultaneously holding the plank at a 20 to 30 degree angle from the floors level. After you apply a bit of pressure inward and down the planks will lock together.

Because the planks may expand on the ends as well, use spacers at the ends of the plank rows to keep a 1/4″ expansion just like before.

4. Start the second row with 1/3 of a plank size. The second row is just like in step 3 with attaching however instead of attaching the ends of the planks you will be attaching the sides together. Make sure to place the cut end of the planks against the edges of the walls so they are not visible. Once again exercising your 1/4″ expansion rule. When you complete this row and begin the next, alway make sure to lock the ends of the planks first before locking them lengthwise. So angle the planks and push the tongue into the groove, then adjust as need to lock into play. You will notice that it is necessary at times to lift both planks slightly when locking them together, but don’t worry, just adjust them when finished and make sure they are snug.

Earthwerks-Legacy-Plank-Vinyl-Tile-Flooring5. Begin the third row with a plank that is 2/3 in length. Now each plank attached after should be at random lengths, making sure that each individual end joint plank is at least 8″ long and that no end joint thereafter will be less than 6″ long.

Pro Tip: The cut end piece can typically be used to begin the next row, as long as it keeps up with the random layout we are going for.

6. Premium Glueless LVT planks are unique in that they can also be installed with a pull bar or tapping block and rubber mallet in difficult areas, such as the last row, and when fitting around door trim. Use a pull bar and rubber mallet to lock the joints together in the last row. Always use a pull bar on the cut edge of the plank. Factory edges can be damaged if the pull bar is used directly against them.

7. When it’s time to hand door trim, you will need to slide the plank under the trim. Accomplish this easily by starting the row on the side of room with the door trim and then sliding the plank into place after it is attached correctly. Once this is done complete by inserting the tongue into the groove or the groove into the tongue depending on your direction.

Your Done! Now you can immediately enjoy it!

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