Laminate Flooring the Perfect Substitution for Hardwood

Laminate-flooringHardwood flooring is known as a top contender in the flooring market. It boasts classic beauty, warmth and quality. Oh and don’t forget it is Costly! Not to down hardwood or anything, but not all of us can afford to get incredibly chic hardwood flooring. But luckily, we have a product that has the same appeal, designed to trick the senses into believing that it is the real deal. I’m talking about Laminate Flooring.

Despite the beliefs of most on the topic, laminate flooring comes with some solid benefits that can even out perform real wood floors. The selection of laminate options is vast ranging from traditional looks to modern styles. No matter what the wood look you are trying to achieve, you will be presented with the same colors, tones, grains and patterns that you will find in wood floors.


Laminate-Flooring-ChoicesIt’s All about the Top Layer (visually speaking)

Laminate flooring undergoes an interesting production process. To achieve a real wood look and feel several layers are plied together with adhesive. The most interesting to me is the top layer. This layer is what you will see when it is installed. Glosses and luster are added to some, while others look more rustic and hand scraped. They achieve the actual would look by placing a realistic photo of the wood grain, under an incredibly strong and protective layer of melamine resin. They typically finish it off with an aluminum oxide coating, making very resistant to scratching and denting.


Laminate-Flooring-CorridorSame Width and Length Options as Hardwood Flooring

No, you don’t even have to sacrifice the ever popular staggered look that you keep seeing all over the place. It even comes in widths larger than 5″ now. Which is a huge step since its inception into the flooring community. Wide with go very will in large rooms designed for comfort. Rustic and traditional designs really make a wide plank laminate floor shine. But if you are going for a more formal approach to laminate flooring, definitely stick to thinner strips.


Final Word on Laminate Flooring

Speaking from a completely non-biased point of view, laminate floors are more strong, more scratch and scrape resistant and for the most part slightly more durable than hardwood flooring. While it lacks the sophistication of it’s natural predecessor, it is a smart choice for a hardwood flooring substitution if your designing on a budget.

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