Kitchen Flooring made Easy with Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury-Vinyl-tile-Makes-An-Excellent-Kitchen-Flooring-OptionThe kitchen can be quite an ordeal when it comes to renovating. Everything from cabinets to sinks and counter tops to appliances go into the mix. But most importantly your flooring is really something that you should pay  extra attention to during this process. Without a functional floor your kitchen will be set up for disaster starting the  first time you splash it with water while washing dishes. Today, we will focus on a great kitchen flooring option that is both beautiful and very functional, I’m discussing luxury vinyl tile.

The Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile For the Kitchen

  • Starting with looks, LVT replicates natural materials flawlessly. It does not look fake or cheap in any form or fashion unlike most would have you believe. High quality photos capture the look of the material while textures and finishes add depth to the material. It is actually quite hard to determine if an LVT isn’t the real thing by just looking at it!
  • Safety – Kitchens are much less of a hazard zone when you go with an LVT flooring option because luxury vinyl is typically slip resistant and flame retardant.
  • Easy Maintenance – No maintenance other than your normal sweeping and mopping!
  • Water Resistant – Yes, water resistant! Not to mention when water is spilled on it, it is almost impossible for it to get through to the backing.
  • Durable – Scratching, staining, denting and scuffing aren’t a big issue for luxury vinyl tile, because they are very resistant to these abrasive actions. Specialized wear layers protect the surface of your flooring and allow for a little relaxation on your part.
  • Not Expensive – Want hardwood or tile but can’t quite afford it? Luxury vinyl tile has you covered by creating authentic and rich looks for a fraction of the price of the real materials.


Many floors use the key word resilient when advertising, but LVT is really what a resilient flooring option should be. The multiple layers of the vinyl in LVT flooring paired with a backing that can really take some abuse, you will walk on it without worry.


Ceramic and hardwood flooring can be kind of hard and cold when walking on it. LVT however gives a certain warming aspect and because it gives slightly when standing on it, it is much more comfortable when your on your feet.


Your not limited to just one look or option, at this point in the development of LVT flooring your flooring design and style is very comparable to real hardwood flooring and tile options.

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