Installing Engineered Wood Flooring Has Many Advantages!

Engineered wood floors are beautiful to behold and are much easier to install than solid wood floors. Their are many advantages to choosing to go with engineered wood, which is what we will be discussing today.

Advantages of Installing Engineered Wood Flooring

  • Engineered-Wood-Dining-Living-RoomMoisture Resistance – Many people steer away from hardwood based on the fact that they may live in a very humid home. This is more frequent in certain areas of the country where humidity is high during the summer. Hardwood is also a concern for bathrooms, kitchens and basements because of the added moisture risks. Engineered wood floors however are fairly moisture resistant and hold up very well in these humid regions as well as high moisture rooms in general.
  • Easy Installation – Installation is always an added extra to the cost of flooring, but with engineered wood installation is easy enough that a DIY beginner can do it with easy. This is thanks to the floating method of installation that engineered wood floors generally use as a standard. The floating floor method allows you to utilize a lock and fold method with the planks, eliminating the need for nailing or gluing the boards to the subflooring.
  • Easy to Clean – Cleaning is insanely simple, a simple sweeping or vacuuming paired with the mopping as needed will suffice. Just make sure u not soaking the floor down. A slightly dampened mop is ideal.
  • Engineered-Hardwood-FlooringMany Choices – The options are pretty broad where engineered wood is concerned. You will be happy to discover that you really get all the option in styles, textures, colors, and grains that you do with solid hardwood flooring.
  • Durable –¬†Engineered hardwood floors are durable and remain in good condition for many years. Layers of plywood are sandwiched together to attain the size of the plank required. Proper care given to the engineered hardwood floors; so that the finished wood on the top does not wear down, exposing the plywood underneath.
  • Maintenance is a Breeze – Engineered wood can be sanded to remove stains and even out the floor. It can be stained as required to maintain the floor sameness.¬† Sanding can be done when necessary. Too much sanding can expose the plywood underneath.¬† Damaged planks removed and replaced easily without affecting the floor plan of the home.

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