Hardwood Floor Tips to Keep it Beautiful!

Hardwood Floor TipsKeeping a hardwood floor looking great isn’t really that complicated if you get the basics. Today we will be sharing 4 Tips that will really make your hardwood flooring shine!

Hardwood Floor Tips

Hardwood Floor Tips: Area Rugs

Area rugs are an excellent solution to protecting your hardwood flooring. Dents, scratches and damage are often times avoided in main areas of the home where foot traffic is high. Placing rugs in front of doors and walkways are incredibly beneficial to the hardwood in terms of eliminating outside dirt and debris from entering. Over time this debris can be ground into the floor and very visible in hallways, entrances and living areas.

Hardwood Floor Tips

Hardwood Floor Tips: Cleaning Regularly

You know this step already but for some reason enforcing it is always welcome. You must clean your flooring on a regular basis. The best way to clean a hardwood floor is to sweep/vacuum and mop. Traditional I know, but you would be very surprised as to how many times the simplest of steps are overlooked. Proper cleaning with specific hardwood care cleansers are truly the bread and butter of this process. These chemicals are engineered to give your hardwood the moisturizing and rejuvenation that a natural floor covering needs to remain healthy and beautiful.

Hardwood Floor Tips: Avoid Sun Damage

Sunlight can fade hardwood flooring which can be a problem if you prefer open windows that let a lot of light in. There are many options in window treatments that provide an ample amount of protection from the suns natural Hardwood Floor Tipsuv rays. If you want to really get technical I have even seen UV ray blocking window panes. But the reason the sun can be not so good for hardwood is that it changes the color of the wood flooring over time, almost always darkening it more than it should be. creating dark lines in areas of the floor.

Hardwood Floor Tips: Groom the Pets

Pets can be devastating to a floor if not taken care of on a hygienic level. Having your pets groomed on a regular basis will prevent unwanted oils from their skin and fur getting absorbed into the surface of your hardwood. Also, pet nails are a huge scratch factor, so this will eliminate playful accidents.


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