Hardwood Floor Restoration Made Easy

It is time for a hardwood floor restoration when they wind up looking a little worn down and old. Much like the mid-life crisis of a human being, this is the perfect time for a new look or touch up. Today, we will be giving you incredibly easy directions and instructions for hardwood floor restoration, so hopefully it doesn’t go buy a sports car or something instead.

Hardwood Floor Restoration

Hardwood Floor Restoration: Prepping the Floor

Hardwood-Floor-RestorationBegin by thoroughly cleaning your floor with a vacuum, mopping and drying, then a final vacuuming. Make sure everything is moved out of the room during this process. After it is finishes you will need to clean the area with a high quality hardwood cleaner. You can find these at most home department stores.

Using a hammer go over the hardwood flooring pushing any nails that have begun to show their ugly heads back into the wood. While pounding away, make sure the nail heads are beyond the surface of the flooring so it doesn’t pose a large threat to the integrity of your future sanding job.

After its all nailed down, fill all holes, scratches, dents and dings with wood putty and allow it to dry. Don’t worry about leveling it off, the sander will do that trick. Make sure any loose baseboards have been tightened back to their destinations so that you get even lines in the room. This improves the clean line factor substantially.

Hardwood Floor Restoration: Sanding 

Oh, good ole Sandy.

Hardwood-Floor-Restoration-SandingThe next step in your hardwood floor restoration is to do the sanding, if you haven’t already thought to do this, open the windows in the room you are working on and place drop clothes or sheets in doorways to prevent dust from going all of the place. Also you will be using 2 types of sanders, a belt and a orbital sander.

Starting with the belt sander you will pass over the entire surface of the flooring. Make sure to sand with the grain of the hardwood, this is typically the length of the board from left to right or vice versa. If a particular board has several scuffs in it, go back of it several times until you are satisfied with it. Now grab the orbital sander and sand the area next to the basboards that you could not reach. Vacuum and go to the next step.

Once you are done with this belt sander process, repeat it 3 times using a rougher sand grit, each consecutive time. Vacuum after each pass. Try to go quickly, as the wood can get friction burns if you go too slow. Just something to keep in mind. Use the Vacuum one more time and clean up the extras with the wood cleaner.

Hardwood Floor Restoration: Finishing the Floors

Hardwood Floor Restoration FinishingThe final step of hardwood floor restoration is finishing the floor. Depending on what option you choose to finish the flooring with, it is highly suggested that you coat lightly, as finishes and stains always turn out darker at they dry, so do not lather because you think it is too light!

It is best  to stain the entire floor before it drys, so take a sponge roller and lightly coat the entire floor. Roll along the length of the planks for best results. This also gives you lines to use as a guide so your coat will be even.

Let it dry and done, unless you want it darker. For a darker finish just repeat the same step as before, just let it dry for an entire day first. Avoid walking on it at all costs until completely dried!

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