Great Reasons to Choose A Laminate Floor!

Laminate-Flooring-OptionsConsidering the incredible amount of flooring options available, narrowing it down to a particular kind of flooring is really the first step on your journey to a new floor. Today, we are simply giving you some great reasons laminate flooring works for a home.

Reasons to Choose Laminate Flooring

  • Looks – Laminate flooring has been designed to mimic the more expensive natural options like stone and wood flooring that it is replicating. Because we are a nation of hardwood lovers, it makes since that we needed to find a cheaper alternative, without compromising quality. That resulted in laminate flooring. That’s not to say that the stone options of laminate are sub-par to the wood options. It is all realistic.
  • Laminate-Flooring-InstallationInstallation – Laminate flooring is far easier to install than real tile or wood flooring options. This is thanks to a lock and fold system that will come standard with most brands of laminate flooring. It cuts a lot of cost at the end as it is very easy to do the install yourself and save a ton of money off of expensive professional installation. The best thing about it is you won’t have to use any incredibly complicated installation equipment in the process.
  • Allergies – Many households have members of the family that suffer from allergies, and allergies are becoming more and more common for our species. Most of our allergy issues however come from dust. As it is, dust loves to find its way into your home and trap itself in things like window treatments, cushions and carpet. Like any hard-surface flooring, laminate offers a smooth surface to clean up the dust without the possibility of it being trapped under fibers, making it a front runner in allergy prevention in the home.
  • Laminate-FlooringPet Friendly – Yes, laminate floors are actually good for pets. For one, spills or accidents are easily cleaned up, so now there is no excuse to avoid getting a puppy. It is also very durable and comes with some great technologies that help prevent scratching, staining and scuffing. So don’t worry about rough play sessions.
  • Care and Maintenance – Cleaning your laminate flooring is simply, simple. Sweep up with the occasional mopping with a specified laminate floor cleaner does the trick.
  • Affordable – Because this product was developed with the consumer in mind, rest assured that this is a budget friendly flooring option. Many people get sticker shock when they realize just how expensive natural materials can be when it comes to flooring. Laminate provides a fresh breath of air for those of us who don’t want to sell a kidney to afford new flooring.

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