Ceramic Tile Cleaning Methods

Ceramic-TileAlthough many would think that cleaning ceramic tile doesn’t require you to be a professional, many still mess it up a bit. Today we will be discussing the proper way to clean and care for your ceramic tile flooring.



We don’t really need to go through a lot of detail on how to sweep your flooring. But the benefits of sweeping ceramic are. This is particularly true when you are cleaning rough and textured tile surfaces. It is important to sweep as frequently as you can, because it is constantly loosening the dirt and debris that could be ground into the tile over time. Many prefer to vacuum but you must be sure that you are not using a beater bar. The beater bar could prematurely dull your tile flooring. Just make sure that if you do vacuum do a good job and use your attachments to get in between the grout lines.



Mopping is also fairly self explanatory on ceramic tile. Your main concern here is not using too much water. A damp mop works perfectly fine for cleaning even the tougher stains. Make sure to clean your grout with a grout specific cleaner occasionally, this will save you time later. Also, Ceramic has a tendency to be fairly slippery when wet, especially if it isn’t textured, so heed caution when walking while the floor is damp.


Spring Cleaning

Its always to good idea to do an occasional deeper cleaning on your ceramic tile flooring. A soft bristled brush works wonderfully paired with a material specific cleaning product. This is also your go to for any stains that you may find. If all else fails just sponge it.


Things to Do and Not to Do!

Do: Clean up any liquids ASAP, this will help your grouts color remain pristine.

Do: Take precaution when moving heavier items across the floor.

Do: Use mats to help cut down on dirt and debris at every entrance to the room.

Don’t: Use steel wool or other abrasive mediums for cleaning up stick stains or food from the floor.

Don’t: Use bleach on your ceramic! It will bleach the grout and could possibly discolor the tiles.

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