Basement Flooring What to Choose?

Carpet-For-Basement-FlooringMany people tend to really wait on finishing their basements at home. But this is a total waste of real estate if you think about it. Finished basements are a great place for teens to hang out in or creating a den for guests. I’ve seen some incredible basements in my life and its time that you joined the party! Some people are very worrisome because of the possibility of moisture in their basement. Today, we will discuss a few options for basement flooring.



Great Basement Flooring Options!

  • Concrete – This is the go to for most homeowners when it comes to the basement. For one, it is typically already there. Concrete and cement are the most common types of basement flooring, and for good reason. ┬áBecause of incredible amount of traffic, if you utilize your basement, concrete really hold up in the durability department. A lot of us love basements for storage and this is great for scooting heavy things around without worrying about a fair amount of damage.
  • Tile-Installed-In-BasementVinyl – This is my favorite option for flooring in a basement because of its overall functionality and high moisture resistance. Not to mention the options available for vinyl are staggering. The installation process is one of the easiest and it comes with an incredible amount of advantages and featured depending on the brand you choose to go with. This is the most affordable option as well.
  • Carpet – While many aren’t keen on this if moisture is an issue, on all other levels carpet really aims to please in basements that function as a site for gathering in the home. It is really hard to compete with the comfort of carpet compared to hard surface flooring choices. Carpet is a very simple solution for low moisture basements.
  • Laminate – Laminate is on the lower end of the spectrum of great floors for a basement, although it is still very doable. Floating floor installation makes for a quick and easy set up and specific laminates come with moisture block technology that will help but not eliminate the possibility of liquid absorption. The great thing about laminate is that it gives you the hardwood look, because as we all know the real hardwood just wouldn’t cut it in a basement.
  • Tile – Ceramic and stone tile are definitely good options for basement flooring. The only thing you should really be concerned with is if you are using your basement as a storage area, be aware that although durable, these materials are very rigid and can crack or break with impacts. Otherwise its a great floor for a basement.

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