All About Hickory Hardwood Flooring

Old-Hickory-TreeA lot of people go crazy over this beautiful flooring option. Hickory definitely packs a punch in the looks department, but does it look as good on the inside as it does on the outside?

Where Hickory Grows

A lot of the hickory that we see used in hardwood flooring comes from the southern United States and along the Eastern Seaboard. However there are many hickory species that thrive in Asia and boast slightly more exotic in nature.

What Makes Hickory, Hickory?

I mean the characteristics of the hardwood, what makes it different or unique. We will start with the standard differential, the Janka Hardness Rating. it scores a whopping 1820, literally the hardest domestic species of hardwood flooring. Know for it’s incredible tensile power, it is not prone to warping and presents overall structural stability in the area that it has been installed in.

Unstained Hickory has been noted for giving a lot of color variation, regardless of the quality or grade of the hardwood. Getting a natural look isn’t as expensive as some would believe.

Stained Hickory has a much wider range of option and takes to staining like a pro, even if it is a very dense wood.


Hickory Flooring is A Challenging Install!

If you’re planning on installing hickory yourself, its rigidness could present a problem. Hickory is both difficult to cut and to sand and even nail requiring pre-drilled holes in many instances, so make sure you are prepared for a challenging installation. If an installer is doing the work for you, well, then you don’t have to worry about it at all!

Overall Opinion on Hickory Hardwood

It is a stunning, completely natural hardwood flooring option that will take your breath away. Strong and sturdy is its middle name, so you can relax a bit more and let your kids play. Self-installation is not recommended unless you are moderately experienced in this type of hardwood installation.

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