4 Steps to Deciding What Type of Floor Works For You

Dining-Room-FlooringThere are many things that you need to consider when deciding what type of flooring will work best for you and your home. Depending on how you have decorated your house or if you are starting from scratch, you will need to determine what will best accommodate your home’s needs and design aesthetic. Today, we will be bringing up 4 key points to help you find out what floor will work best for you.

Functionality – The functionality of the flooring is a big deal. Even though many of us look at the style and design of the flooring first, we should really look at the benefits that the floor will provide to the home. Start by determining if your home is a high or low traffic home. If you have small or teenage children? If you have pets? These are definitely things that need taken into consideration so that you can best decide what type of flooring will fit your everyday traffic.

Kitchen-FlooringStyle – Although not important for functionality, you will have to live with your flooring for years to come. The style of the floor can be a deal breaker for many, but the great news about it is that most floors come with many options in the style department. Hardwood flooring for example is full of style options like textured, distressed and smooth wood planks to work with. More than likely no matter what style of flooring, you will have the functionality you are looking for.

Colors – Colors make a big difference in choosing the right type of flooring as well. Dark floors  may make a room more cozy, while lighter floors can make it look oversized. It is really a game of balance. The best way to see how a floor will look in your room is much like painting. Make sure you get a sample and sit in in the Bedroom-Flooringroom that it will be in. Monitor the flooring samples throughout the day so that you can see what the flooring looks like as the lighting changes. Always get samples!

Budgeting – Just because we see it in a design magazine, even though we may not want to admit it, sometimes we cannot afford that super floor that we are in love with. The good news however, is that there are an extremely large amount of alternatives to expensive flooring that look almost identical for a much lower price tag available. If your in love with a rustic hardwood, there is a laminate flooring that will match or mimic it out there. Often times it is hard to tell them apart once installed. You just have to shop around a little.

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