4 Reasons to Love Vinyl Flooring!

Vinyl flooring really makes everything easy. It has a cooling effect which is great for summer and warmer rooms in the home like kitchens. A lot of us don’t take a second look at it when floor shopping though. But, I have a feeling that when you learn my reasons for loving Vinyl Flooring, you will jump on that bandwagon.

4 Reasons to Love Vinyl Flooring!

Zebra-Wood-Room-Adura-Mannington-Luxury-Vinyl-Plank1)  Amazing Design Possibilities – Many manufacturers of vinyl explore a massive amount of design potential when creating Today’s vinyl flooring. You can get it in just about any color, pattern, style, grain or stone look. Some even exercise the possibilities of extreme graphics. I’ve seen vinyls for children boasting cartoon towns with roads that are perfect for driving toy cars on. I’ve seen clouds for the fairy princesses of the family as well. The point is, unlike other floors creativity is not limited, basically if you can imagine it, it can be made into a vinyl floor.

2)  Easy Maintenance – This is always a big deal breaker for me. Juggling work, family and life’s daily extras is a massive undertaking for Americans today. Why not have a floor that requires nothing more than an occasional sweep and mopping?

Vinyl is a busy bodied person’s best friend. If something spills or a pet has an accident, it is hands down the easiest to clean up of all floor coverings!

Vintage-Oak-Room-Mannington-Adura-Luxury-Vinyl-Tile3)  2 Types of Vinyl – Yes you get not one, but 2 options, sheet vinyl and vinyl tile. Sheet vinyl is great for doing large areas of the home and make installation an absolute breeze. Sheet also offers the many graphics I spoke of earlier.

If you want your flooring to look as realistic as possible you should definitely go with a Vinyl Tile. This amazing breakthrough offers all of the durability and protection of sheet vinyl, but with an added realistic tile or plank flooring look. Many are textured like wood grains and some even have the option to grout!

4)  Budget Friendly Floor – Vinyl flooring isn’t just easy to install, it is also easy on the checkbook. There are so many deals if you shop around for it. This flooring option is considerably less expensive than choosing real or even laminate materials for your floor coverings.

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