You Heard Right, Luxury Vinyl Tile is Awesome!

When luxury vinyl tile came to fruition, it didn’t exactly receive the warmest welcome by consumers. I know changes can be hard to adjust to, but eventually an excellent product will prove itself. Because luxury vinyl tile isn’t the real thing, you will always have adverse and biased opinions from persons with the real thing. Today we will take an unbiased glance in to Everything that is Luxury Vinyl Tile.

A Little Bit About Luxury Vinyl Tile

LVT is extremely comfortable, warming, easily maintained, durable and can even effectively reduce sound pollution in your home, much like the regular vinyl sheet flooring that we are used to and have seen the majority of our lives. The difference however is that it is completely disconnected by tiles or planks.


You Don’t Have To Worry About Water Making The Floor Super Slippery Like Other Tiles With LVT

So what’s so great about that?

  • A More Realistic Look and Feel
  • The ability to replace one piece rather than the entire floor.
  • Increased Durability
  • Glue-less Installation Methods
  • Option to Grout
  • Option to mix up colors and create border.


What is probably the most exciting thing about it, is the fact that most people would have no idea that it isn’t ceramic or porcelain tile without actually touching it with their hands.


In Comparison to Real Tile Flooring


Installation Is A Breeze With Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring.

While of course you will never achieve the remarkable scratch and stain resistance of real tile, you will never have to worry about your luxury vinyl tiles cracking when presented with blunt force. ┬áNot that I’m insinuating that ceramic is a less than product in anyway, they are just different.

Installation with ceramic flooring can be a very time consuming job. While it is entirely possible to DIY install at a moderate skill level, it doesn’t compare to the ease and simplicity of an LVT installation. In most cases you will only need a razor knife, straight edge, spacers, tape measure and of course the adhesive (if glue-down) to do the job.

Another good thing about luxury vinyl tile flooring is that it is far less slippery when wet than non textured porcelain and ceramic tiles. So bathrooms and kitchens won’t be as much of a hazard when a spill or mopping goes down.

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