The Best of the Best: Laminate Flooring


Laminate Comes In Many Styles, Colors And Textures

10 Years ago many people would think laminate and think plastic. Today, we has seen a huge calling for laminate flooring and it’s here to stay. Laminate is both budget and user friendly, catering to the masses rather than a select few. This more reliable and beneficial flooring comes with a plethora of Benefits which we will be discussing today.

Less Money, More Fun!

A lot of us can’t really afford to drop $7,000 on new hardwood flooring, not that we don’t want to, we just can’t. Laminate flooring is a great option for those that are working with a budget and have to pay close attention to price tags. But even though laminate is much cheaper than hardwood flooring, it is not necessary weaker. Laminate flooring can take as much, if not more abuse than solid hardwood floors and still look great.

This is thanks to the high-density fiberboard core and melamine laminate backing that is used in laminate flooring construction. Once these are all adhered together a stunning high quality image of the real material ¬†is added to the floors’ surface area, replicated the material perfectly. This very strong, and cost effective assembly is what allows you to get a beautiful floor for cheaper.

Maintaining Your Laminate Flooring

Maintenance has never been so simple. Unlike hardwood flooring you will never have to worry about it being exposed to sunlight. It will not discolor or turn the boards a yellowish color. Laminate flooring welcomes natural, well lit rooms with open arms and you don’t have to worry about living in the dark.

No need to wax or polish either, a simple sweep and mop will do the trick.

Water? No Problem!

That may be a bit of a large statement. Both hardwood and laminate flooring can be damaged with a large amount of water, especially when left to set over a period of time. However, laminate is far superior in dealing with humidity. So people who live in those humid southern states should really look into how the weather will effect the flooring before they buy.


Laminate Flooring Is Simple To Install Without Having To Pay For Professional Installation.

Installing Like a Pro.

Contractors love installing laminate over hardwood flooring because of how much easier the installation of the flooring actually is. There are many different ways to do a laminate floor installation such as glue-less options, that allow you to simply click it together. You can get by with a DIY  Laminate installation with no sweat, so it is a cost effective way to improve your home.

Its mainly easy to install because of how adaptable it is to the many different sub floors that vary from home to home.

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