Laminate or Vinyl Flooring, What are the Differences?

Many people still compare laminate with vinyl flooring. What is funny is that they are two completely different types of flooring. I know it is hard to believe but chemically they don’t even compare. One is made of synthetic material while the other recycled hardwood. Today, we will discuss the differences in the two and allow you to see what works better for you.



Vinyl Flooring Definitely Isn’t The Same Floor You Grew Up With, As It Is Today!

Vinyl Flooring

Entirely synthetic, vinyl flooring can mimic the look of tile or hardwood flooring. While in the past vinyl flooring has been glued down, there are several means of installation thanks to modern technologies and techniques used in production.

When talking about vinyl flooring it is important not to leave out luxury vinyl tiles and planks. They are practically the same material that are just cut into squares or planks. You can actually get some very lifelike quality from LVT (luxury vinyl tile.)

These work better for high moisture areas of the home, this is because most vinyl is actually waterproof because of it impermeable make up, well most are at least. You get what you pay for when it comes to that stat. That being said, its mainly the adhesive that will not hold up to the water and not the vinyl itself.

Another great thing about vinyl flooring is that it is quite flexible. meaning all you need is a smooth subfloor, not necessarily a level floor. The smooth factor comes in so after walking around on the installed vinyl, underneath grit and debris will not perforate it.



Laminate Looks So Much Like Hardwood Flooring That He Can’t Tell The Difference!

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is also an excellent choice for flooring. Like stated in the opening it is made from recycled hardwood. Vastly different than vinyl flooring. Sometimes is actually very hard to tell a laminate from a real wood flooring, especially if it is high quality laminate. It is made from adding a high resolution image with a layer of melamine on top of a high density core board.

Laminate flooring is equipped with the installation power of a floating floor. This allows for easy DIY installation as long as the subfloor is level and relatively smooth.

Because it is an actual wood product you should always allow laminate to acclimate in your home before you get it installed. Typically this will take 48 hours. Acclimating it properly allows it to adjust to your home conditions by allowing it to expand and contract without the danger of buckling when installed.

While laminate flooring is a bit of a better product than vinyl flooring, it is also a fair amount more price wise.

And now you know!


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