Laminate Flooring Pros and Cons

Here is a completely unbiased look at laminate flooring from a Pro and Con perspective.

Laminate Flooring Pros

  1. Laminate-Flooring-SpreadEasy Installation – Laminate flooring is installed easier than other types of hard surface flooring options. Professional installation goes rather quickly, but there is no reason why you couldn’t knock it out in a weekend doing it yourself. ┬áLaminate flooring installation technology has come far, since its inception into the floor industry. Rather than gluing it to the subflooring like we used to do, we now have the ability to find laminate that uses a floating installation method. There are also peel and stick options that work exactly like it sounds.
  2. Durable – Laminate flooring is a top contender when it comes to durability. Fitted with its own engineered wear layer, it can take a licking and keep on ticking. But seriously it takes a lot of effort to dent or scratch the surface of laminate flooring, much less even get to the protected image displaying the wood or tile it is mimicking.
  3. Moisture Okay – While you shouldn’t just leave the flooring soaking wet, a little bit of moisture such as humidity from the shower in the bathroom, or water splashing when washing up pots and pans will not damage this flooring. Just make sure to take precaution and clean up any major spills before it presents a problem. Other than that, relax, it’s laminate.
  4. Easily Maintained – Laminate has the lowest maintenance of all flooring with the exception on vinyl. Keep it swept and mopped, and no worries.
  5. Resistant to Staining – The touch exterior of laminate flooring keep it well protected against most liquids and staining agents.


Laminate Flooring Cons

  1. The-Pros-And-Cons-Of-Laminate-FlooringIt Not Real Wood – Yes, I know you are aware of this, and this is not meant to be redundant, more so to remind you of the natural elements, characteristics and value that you would get from real wood flooring. For those of us who live by the phrase “fake it til you make it,” you will LOVE IT!
  2. Hardness – As with flat surface flooring it can be a bit cold and uncomfortable on the old bare fee. A foam padding or underlayment will definitely help to alleviate some of the cold but it’s not carpet.
  3. Slippery When Wet – Laminate flooring is definitely some of the slipperiest that you can get.
  4. Doesn’t Add a Lot of Value to Your Home – Unlike hardwood flooring or tile, laminate flooring may look incredibly real and life like, but simply because it is not one of those, you aren’t really adding any monetary value to your home.
  5. Wear Is There – Unlike a hardwood floor, when your laminate flooring finally does wear, you will not be able to sand it down and refinish it.


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